Christmas Star Tacloban

Typhoon Yolanda

Typhoon Yolanda year 2013 Christmas Star Tacloban 2013 Tacloban Leyte sign Barangay 54 – pictures taken the day after Christmas 2013 …almost 2 months after the typhoon wow Tacloban Leyte Tacloban Leyte Tacloban Leyte Basey Samar Nueva Vista Leyte Palo Leyte Delores Leyte Marabut Samar Marabut and Basey Samar do nt get much media attention […]

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East Timor

kus kus

kus kus

Makaleb – Oecussi – Kus Kus The villagers were getting ready to stew these 2 little rascals so I decided to buy them and take the little guys home on my motorbike. Phalanger orientalis (timor cuscus) Kus Kus in Oecussi I gave a guy holding a deadĀ  turtleĀ  a lift home on the back of […]

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White Cow

White Cow

Bali cremation ceremony The big white cow was being made for the cremation of a holy man that had died in Ubud at the old age of 104 years. The fourth son, Ketut was in charge of organizing the production and invited me down to take a few photos. They had been working on it […]

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Irian Jaya – Papua Barat

Irian Jaya – Papua Barat

Irian Jaya – Papua Barat There is some political tension in Papua Barat because of an independence movement by some of the Papuans. The whole transmigration thing annoys them. The island of Java has a fairly high population so the government transplants Javanese throughout the island network of Indonesia to ease the population pressure at […]

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