Alaska highway – Yukon – 64 coupe

yukon32.jpgYukon River – Alaska Highway

In another case of not thinking clearly I decided to drive my ’64 corvette coupe up the Alaska Highway.

I shipped it to Seattle for the return trip with Sealand, the main shipping company on Kodiak Island.

It was a beautiful trip but the wrong car for the job. The paint job got thrashed pretty well and the wing window on the drivers side got broken out by a rock.

I had driven the Alaska highway (or Alcan highway as it is also known) around 16 times, once on a motorcycle, most of the other times by truck and should have known better.

Still it was a beautiful trip as always, somewhat muddy but everywhere up north is in the springtime.

yukon34.jpgTraveling through British Columbia, the Yukon, Northwest Territories and Alaska is a trip most anyone would enjoy.

The best time to go is in late August and September when the weather is cool and crisp and the leaves have changed colors. There are usually a lot of animals moving around – moose, caribou, bears and are easier to see because the leaves are falling off the trees and don’t provide as much camouflage.

June tends to be a buggy month and earlier than that you will run into a lot of mud and unpleasant weather.

Driving in the winter time can be beautiful too. There is very little traffic and the northern lights put on a beautiful show. You really look forward to stopping at the Liard hot springs for a soak in the steaming spring. (Near the Yukon – British Columbia border) It can be 20 below zero but you just feel great.

The Milepost magazine has a lot of valuable information for those considering that trip. It can be a once in a lifetime experience.

The Milepost Magazine

Alaskan Highway by the Yukon River in the Yukon Canada – this page was from the 1980′s

After selling this car in California at the end of the year I headed off to Africa – that was pretty cool too!

Mar 30, 2006

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