Alaska Kachemak Bay

Alaska Kachemak BayHomer Alaska – Halibut capital of the world

sea otter with seagull

sea otter with seagull in Kachemak Bay Alaska

Sea otter and seagull are best buddies in Homer at the point in the sand spit in Kachemak Bay. This is the first sea otter that I have ever seen that will get out of the water and rest up on land from time to time.  This sea otter does not use it’s front paws when entering or exiting the water, rather this one uses its chin and body shape to kinda hump along (the front paws are kept tucked into the body the whole time).  scientific name Enhydra lutris kenyoni

seagull and sea otter

seagull and sea otter in Kachemak Bay

…not sure who was having more fun – the seagull or the sea otter – cute !

Sailing Kachemak Bay

sailing Kachemak Bay

Sailing in Kachemak Bay

Fishing boat Kachemak

Fishing boat Kachemak Bay

Kachemak Bay – Homer – Alaska

Tustumena Ferry

Tustumena Ferry

Tustumena Ferry at Homer this ferry now makes a run down to Dutch Harbor port Unalaska every other week or so in the summer months. This might not seem like a big deal but for years the Alaska Marine Highway System only made one run in the spring to Dutch and back one run at the end of the summer. This meant that you had to secure a reservation for your vehicle if you were going to return it to the port of Homer or you would have to wait until the next year to get it. Yikes !

Tustumena Ferry

Alaska Marine Highway system ferry Tustumena

Alaska Marine Highway System ferry the Tustumena approaches the dock in Homer – now the Tustumena makes the short run to Seldovia very often and to Kodiak Island very often as well. Walk on traffic is permitted on all the runs and is a very economical way to get around in the Aleutian Islands in Alaska.  The vehicle tarif depends upon the length of vehicle.

…be sure to get exact info from the ferry office but these were figures I came up with this week June 2014 for a vehicle under 19 ft in length

179.00 dollars one way Homer – Kodiak plus 74.00 dollars for the driver not included in the vehicle charge. the vehicle is sent below deck by cargo elevator and passengers must remain in the upper level

949.00 dollars one way Homer to Unalaska port Dutch Harbor plus 351.00 dollars for driver not included in vehicle charge

The route would be Homer – Seldovia – Kodiak – Chignik – Sand Point – Cold Bay – Dutch Harbor

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Kachemak Bay Alaska – for Tustumena ferry trips always get recent information from the Alaska Marine Highway ferry office.

The Tustumena could even be boarded in the spring in Belingham Washington – up through Southeast Alaska to Ketchikan – Wrangell – Petersburg – Juneau – Haines – Yakutat- Cordova – Valdez – Whittier in the spring and one time – Seward -Homer 

…there is no cheaper way to visit the Aleutian Islands ! The Alaska State Highway System ferry  Tustumena goes down to Washington State at the end of the season and comes up at the beginning of the season the following year so the trip coming up from Bellingham can only be done one time each year . Be sure to make your reservations well in advance – especially if taking a vehicle! Basically the weather is too rough to make these runs through the winter months so the ferry goes to Washington State  for maintenance during the winter t.o be fresh and crispy the next season.

The M/V Kennicott is another ferry that serves Homer – Seldovia and Kodiak but I have not been on that one yet





one of the many eagles that circle around town looking for fish scraps


Jun 5, 2014

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