Stuffed Alaska Bear

Some of the local shops in Kodiak City display stuffed Alaska Brown Bears

Alaska Brown Bear

Brown Bear taken on the Alaska Peninsula

The bank and even the local Walmart has a stuffed brown bear as tourists attraction. These bears are rarely seen on the road system near Kodiak City but there are several thousand spread out elsewhere through out the Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge.

stuffed brown bear

stuffed brown from the Alaska peninsula

note:  The bear in these pictures was hunted on the Alaska Peninsula but plenty are hunted on Kodiak Island as well.  pics taken in Macs Sport Shop

brown bear in sport shop

brown bear in sport shop in Kodiak City

This bear is a stunning example of superior taxidermy and is in one of the local sport shops.  (Macs – across the street from McDonalds and the fire department)

huge brown bear

huge brown bear

Alaska Peninsula Brown Bear


Alaska Brown Bear

Alaska Brown Bear from the peninsula

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dp logoAlaska Brown Bear

eagle at Chiniak

eagle at Chiniak

Jun 24, 2014

3 responses to “Stuffed Alaska Bear”

  1. Mate you come up with some great blogs… love the Bald Eagle in flight photo you must have a very good lens on your camera now…Alyn’s after one of those lens now for her camera after running into a guy from India taking great photos in Kuala Lumpur on our last trip…I hope your trips going ok in Alaska for you.

  2. DP,

    I will talk to Alyn about Mangsee Island as i know she has been to them both before in the past but that was a long time ago.

    Alyn told me there’s two Mangsee Islands one called North and the others South of course…she told me the only way to get to the Mangsee Islands is to go by pumpboat out of the port of Balabac.

    I know it won’t be long before the ferry service will be up and running again out of Brookes Point to Sandakan in Borneo.

    Have you been to Bandar Seri Begawan the capital of Brunei yet as we are hoping to make it that far in December on our next adventure to Borneo.

    You can’t stop Alyn she’s already studing up on the internet and in some free books that MASwings Airlines gave her when they are in Robinsons Place Mall in Puerto Princesa last week.

    I really like travelling with her as she’s so easy going and nothings too much trouble for her to do not like a lot of other partners I’ve had to travel with in the past.

    We are both really hoping you can make it to travel with us this coming December in Borneo…take it easy mate and keep up the great blogs your doing while your travelling in Alaska.


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