Vertical Solutions

Vertical Solutions helicopters in Valdez Alaska

helicopter flight seeing

glacier viewing by helicopter in Valdez Alaska

Glacier viewing by helicopter really is amazing!

helicopter tours

Helicopter tours in Valdez Alaska

Vertical Solutions brought one of their helicopters to the city dock on the 4th of July 2014 to take tourists up for an aerial of the local glaciers and waterfalls. The weather was so perfect and I was ready to go!

fueling up the helicopter

fueling up the helicopter at the Valdez City dock

Fueling up

ace helicopter pilot

ace helicopter pilot

This was the perfect opportunity for a really cool flight with pilot Leigh Coats. Passing a waterfall just outside of town.

beautiful waterfall

one of many waterfalls near Valdez as seem from above

Approaching the Shoup Glacier.

glacier flights

Flight seeing to the Shoup Glacier in Valdez

The Shoup Glacier in the Prince William Sound

Shop Glacier near Valdez

Shoup Glacier near Valdez Alaska

This was just too cool. The weather was perfect and the wind was calm and the pilot was smooth on the controls.

Shoup Glacier by helicopter

Shoup Glacier by helicopter

Shoup Glacier – Valdez Alaska – vibrant turquoise color

blue ice in glacier

blue color from compacted ice in glacier

The blue ice color in the crevices is caused by the absorption of all the colors of the spectrum except blue which is reflected and is the most cool blue color!

Shoup Glacier Ice

Shoup Glacier Ice

Fantastic view!

blue glacier ice

blue glacier ice

Heading back to Valdez.

glacier view from above

view of glacier from Vertical Solutions helicopter

Valdez bound.

side of mountain

side of mountain

That Vertical Solutions crew really does a first rate job.

smooth flying pilot

smooth flying pilot and owner of the company

Back in Valdez after a very sweet flight – thanks !

ground control

ground control to Major Tom

Vertical Solutions has 3 helicopters and can do custom jobs – just give them a call at 907-831-0643

coming in for a landing

coming in for a landing

dutchpickle logo

dp logo

around Valdez Alaska by helicopter

amazing – thanks guys !

Helicopter tours – everyone should give it a try

Helicopter flight seeing or other jobs out of Valdez Alaska

glacier viewing

glacier viewing

Valdez Alaska – Helicopter tours – go for it !

4th of July 2014

4th of July 2014

Helicopter tours and other stuff out of Valdez Alaska – way cool

Jul 5, 2014

5 responses to “Vertical Solutions”

  1. DP,

    Great photos mate…looks like a really nice place to visit that Valdez….What’s the cost of those joy flights and how long does it go for as I’m thinking about 30 minutes like here in Australia.

    Are you trying to find some work in Alaska now or just touring around until you get back to the US.


  2. Hi Ricky
    We had a cake walk yesterday at the Christiian School. Everyone liked it ,we gave away ten cakes and ten flashlights. Was that the first time you rode in a heilocopter? The make a lot of wind when they land A mate. I rode heilocopters in the Marines. Totally different then riding in a plane A. Well Roxey says hi.

    Your friend Gerry Smith

  3. Hi DP great pics, quite the opposite to here Ha!!

    Pity we did not catch up during your recent visit, know your time was limited, hope your back again soon.

  4. I was last in Alaska for the red salmon season on the Naknek River in Bristol Bay in the 2019 season.

    I miss the nomadic lifestyle that I have become used to but am now waiting out the coronavirus epidemic in the state of Michigan in the USA. (March 2020)

    I do hope that this works out .

    Best wishes to everyone worldwide !

    stay strong and have patience

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