Homestay Puri Agung Kuta

puriagung_007.jpgHomestay in Kuta, Bali

If you are on a super budget trying to stretch out a few bucks the Puriagung homestay in Kuta, Bali might be what you are looking for. The singles are 30,000 rupiah (around 3 USD per night).

It’s nothing special but the staff is friendly enough and it’s in a great location just up the alley from Lima Satu and off a side road to Legion Street.

puriagung_009.jpgIf you are in Bali on your honeymoon, this is obviously not what you are looking for. Backpackers running low on funds might find that this place works out pretty well.

It is in a good location and gets a steady flow of gap year travelers.

puriagung_023.jpgTurn up the alley at TJ’s Mexican restaurant on Poppies lane 1 and you will pass Lima Satu Cottages and Taman Ayu (a pretty nice homestay for 45,000 rupiah a night).

All the rooms are fan only but I am not that keen on air conditioning anyway.

Hot tea in the mornings! Woopie!

single 30,000
double 50,000
triple 65,000

Homestay Puri Agung

Apr 20, 2007

93 responses to “Homestay Puri Agung Kuta”

  1. Hello Homestay Puri Agung!
    Myself and two other friends are interested in staying in the triple bed rood from the 29th May 2009 onward.
    Can you get back to me regarding availability, room price, map, and any other information.
    Thanks a lot,

  2. Thanks for the wonderful info.

    We plan to stay there for 6 night in mid-may 2009!

    Can we comfortably rely that we will get a room when we walk -in in this homestay or any other around Kuta ?

    Is it a good place for a family of 2?

  3. Hello Homestay Puri Agung!

    i will arrive at midnight (nigth of 23-24 june 2009)at denpasar and i would like to know if it’s possible to reserve a bedroom.I will arrive at 01:00 am.
    I can call you but i haven’t got the phone number.
    thanks for your answer.
    best regards.


  4. Ok thanks.

  5. Hi I’m interested in staying at Homestay Puri Agung for the nights of Saturday June 13th and Sunday June 14th. Is it true you are walking distance from a surf beach? This is what I am hoping for.

    I can sleep in a dormitory or in a single room. It’s just me and my surfboard, wanting to book for 2 nights. Thank you! I might arrive late on the Saturday. Do you have a safety deposit box?

    See you soon!

  6. Hello–Do you have a bed available from 8/19-8/31/09? I’m considering coming around this time. Thanks–Kimberly

  7. Dear sir:

    I will go to visit Bali on first week of November, 2009 with 13 friends. i know that Puri Agung is not accept online booking. so may i know how many room in there?

    waiting your response?

    Best regards,

  8. urgent
    need 1 room for 2 people for tonight..I need phones

  9. I would like to say this is an excellent blog that I have ever come across. Very informative. Please write more so that we can get more details.

  10. Hi:
    We are a retired budget travelling couple. Unfortuanely we are arriving rather late at night. There is reluctance to honour a reservation without a deposit; understandable.

    We will have been travelling all day from Northern Thailand and not in any state to lug back backs at 1 am looking for a place on Poppies. Is there any budget place under 200,000 Rp that will honour a reservation or we can book on-line using Paypal in this vicinity.


  11. Hi,
    Is there any room available for 5 OCt and 6 Oct 2009 for 7 peoples. Please email me the detail.

    YIn Cheng

  12. Hello,

    could you send the phone number of this homestay or other homestays in Kuta to my email adress. Or could you tell me, if there’s a single room available from the 5th to 9th September 2009 in any homestay in Kuta. Are they all around Poppies Lane I? Thank You!

  13. Dear DP

    Would really appreciate it if you can accept our 1 night reservation on 14 October 2009. We are on a shoe-string budget and have received a lot of favourable feedback from those have stayed in your place. We sincerely wish to stay in your guesthouse and it would not be safe for us (all ladies) to look down the alleys for real bargains at 9pm.


  14. Hi, i would like to ask is there any supper budget for two guys that we will travel to Bali on 6-11 of Dec.Our budget is really really tight so really hope that you can help us. May you provide us the webpage, email or even the phone number of the guesthouse so that we can know more detail about the rate and the location. Thank you.

  15. Hey, Do you have a single room for tonight 24/11/2009

    Please get back to me?


  16. Hi,

    im goin to bali on 27th Dec 2009,
    can i check with Homestay Puri Agung about the rates and availability?



  17. Hi dp!

    Great site you have here. Highly informative too.
    I am actually planning to go to Bali in March and will be travelling alone. Is it safe for a female traveller to be wandering the streets at night in search of accommodation? Just curious.

    I noticed in some of the forums that the immigration will request information on your place of stay. Would this be any of a problem because I’m really on a tight budget and would rather check the hostels once I’m there. Hope I’m not spamming this site with irrelevant questions.

    Many thanks.

  18. i’d like to know
    1. 2 rooms for 4 persons available for Jun 25?
    2. how much does they cost totally?
    3. i plan to go to borobudur around 6.30 am at Jun 25, so i’d like to keep my luggages with you. what the earliest time i could check-in?
    4. how’s far from homestay to airport and how much time could it take by car?

    Waiting for your answer

  19. saya mau book untuk tgl22-26 untuk tamu saya bisa gak!!!

  20. Puri Agung just gives me unforgetable experience!!with all the funny things that i’ve got from this place,they very helpfull too..someday i’ll come back there..

    thanks for Bli Kadek Doni with his greetings in every morning,”pagi cintaa”


  21. Hey ayu,, how do you do booking? Walk in as well?

  22. kita ada rencana mau ke bali tgl 21-27 juni 2010. kita ingin tau lebih jauh tentang penginapan anda kalo bisa tolong cantumkan no telp penginapan anda yang bisa kami hubungi



  23. allow..

    saya dan keluarga mo ke Bali tgl 31 Mei – 5 Jun 2010. Harga untuk 2 orang dewasa & anak berapa skrg??trus fasilitasnya apa aja? bisa tolong dibantu…thks b4

  24. slamat pagi

    kami dari daerah Jawa Barat ( Bekasi ) ingin berlibur ke Bali untuk yang pertama kali
    kami ingin mengetahui tentang penginapan anda lebih jauh dan bagaimana dengan jarak dari penginapan ke pantai kuta serta harga untuk sewa kamar pada tanggal 1 Juli 2010.

    terima kasih atas bantuannya.

  25. saya mo berlibur di Bali tgl 17 – 19 Juni 2010. harga untuk single sekarang berapa?
    fasilitasnya apa saja? tolong segera di konfirmasi. mohon dikirimkan juga, no telp yang bisa dihubungi. terima kasih.

  26. saya bersama teman akan berlibur di bali selama 3hari dari tanggal 4juli. masih adakah kamar kosong untuk 3orang? kira-kira harganya berapa? dan apa saja fasilitas yang tersedia? harap dikabarkan secepatnya dan selengkapnya, boleh juga melelui e-mail. terima kasih sebelumnya

  27. Kami 1 keluaraga 5 orang akan berlibur tanggal 3 juli – 8 juli 2010, apakah masih ada tempat yg bisa sy booking sekarang, caranya bagaimana dan letak Homestay puri agung, mohon informasi segera, terima kasih.

    Aji Depok

  28. Saya dan kakak hendak menginap di Bali 2 malam , tgl 3 dan 4 Juli.
    Apakah masih ada tempat untuk kami booking ? Mohon info segera dan bagaimana caranya beserta lokasi homestay puri agung. Terima kasih

  29. dear dutchpickle…

    if it’s possible if in 1 room contains 5 persons?
    & how long it takes to walk from puri agung to kuta beach?
    how many meter is that?


  30. Dear DP

    May i booking a room on date 10, 11 & 12 September 2010, two adults, couple.
    We from Malaysia, hope to hear you reply soon.

    Sam Ang

  31. I want to go to Bali at August 26-29, may I booking one room for triple and how may rupiahs now? I am from Kupang NTT. HP 0812 3795 8668

  32. Hi Do they now have an email address? Or phone number? I would like to stay here from Dec 21st to Dec 29th 2010.

    Please, get back to me on this as soon as possible.


  33. hello,

    I would like to stay here from Dec 30st to Dec 31th 2010.
    Any availabilities for a single room ?
    Please, get back to me on this as soon as possible !



  34. we would like to stay on 29-30 Dec….could u please inform for the availabilities ?

  35. I never stay in a Homestay before, is it okay to bring a child?

  36. we want stay there 16th of january.and we are 5 girls. can u give me more information about how much do we have to pay for if u r available!!

  37. Hello,
    I decided to go Bali in June 2011, for 7 days probably~
    Could you know more information about Puriagung homestay?
    like the exactly address, price, and how to make a reservation, is there any room for only 1 person? or everyone has to stay in the same room with many beds?
    Thanks a lot!

  38. Bisa minta no. telp yang bisa di hubungi? kalau saya mau book untuk bulan september apakah sudah bisa? terima kasih

  39. We need Homestay Puri Agung E-mail Id & contact person name.
    this month we are coming in Bali visit hotels & tourist palace.

  40. I love to stay in this place.. very friendly place , people there, and the staff also i will be back puri agung… Regards.

  41. Hello !
    we are a couple interested in staying in a double room from the 13th May 2011 to the 15th May 2011 (2 nights).
    Can you get back to me regarding availability, room price, map, and any other information.
    Thanks a lot.

  42. I would like to stay in PuriAgung homestay on July 2 till July 4th. Is there any room available at that time? I know it’s peak season and it’s so hard to find any hotel. If so, can you please send an email to me! I really appreciate it. Thanks

  43. Hi, I would like to reserve one triple room and one single room from the 1st of August 2011 for 3 nights. Can you please let me know if you have availability and the pricing.

    Thank you,


  44. Hi!

    We are looking for a place to stay for 6 nights for 2 people.
    Any free rooms from Aug 30th – Sept 5th??

    L & B

  45. hi! Do you have a double room for us on 14 november for a couple of nights? We wanna book if is possible…Thanks!

  46. Apparently they renovated the whole place, no more yellow, nasty toilet, if u know what I mean…They also got air con and hot water in some of the rooms. Pretty nice place if you ask me, but would be nice if you could do online reservation….

  47. so may i know how much the rate for double bed at this moment ? :)

  48. Hi
    next 20th jun i,ll be there solo want a good place in Popp 1 or 2 , about 30or 40US for 10 night i,ll be happy if i find

  49. An interested in staying at this place in a single from Apr 30-may 5th

    is it available?

  50. Dear Homestay Puri Agung!
    I would like to stay at the hostel from 11 of may, fore a 3, 4 days.
    Can you get back to me regarding availability, room price, map, and any other information.
    Thanks a lot,

  51. Yes I know what you mean Bali is not that. I’m just planing to have a dive there and move to Java and further, maybe to Sumatra. any way thanks…
    I will c

  52. Hi Puri Agung Homestay,

    I would like to book for 1 night at 9 Nov 2012, and i will arriving late night.

    I would like to know the price for a double room.

    Thanks and regards,

  53. nic to see about Homestay Puri Agung Kuta. good enjoying it.

  54. thanks for the great info … i had to laugh at the number of people trying to make bookings with you … ;)

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