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A cheap and easy way to get around Bali is to use the Perama shuttle bus and boat.

Perama’s main office is on Legian St in Kuta, Bali. Their transport is efficient and well organized. It’s a great option for those on a budget.

easttimor2_145Their service is for tourists so you don’t really mix with the Balinese if that is your thing. You can take the public bemos to get where you are going but they are a hassle even for the Balinese.

To get to Ubud from Kuta costs 30,000 rupiah. Lovina 70,000 rupiah. Padang Bai (a great place to stay) 40,000 rupiah. Candidasa is also 40,000 rupiah. Sengiggi on Lombok 100,000 rupiah including the ferry to Lombok from Bali. The Gilis off Lombok 225,000 rupiah.

sumbawamanta1_172.jpgPerama also has a budget Komodo trip that isĀ  more for those that like group traveling backpacker style.

The boat leaves from Sengiggi in Lombok and stops in Satonda island and Komodo and lets the passangers off in Labuanbajo, in Flores.

It takes about 3 days and costs 1.5 million rupiah for a cabin (160 USD) and 1,050,000 rupiah if you choose to sleep on the deck.

holycow_022.jpgIt is not a bad trip. I suggest taking a cabin because if it rains a lot or if you get rough seas it is hard to stay dry if you opted to stay on the deck.

It is not too bad if the weather cooperates.

The crew is a barrel of laughs. They play guitar and sing and dance and try to make everyone have a good time. And of course they have a karaoke mike as a piece of standard equipment.

holycow_008.jpgIn February the weather can get a little rough so if you have a sensitive stomach it might not be a bad idea to take along some sea sickness tablets.

I think that the return trip is better. Rinca is more interesting than Komodo and has the dragons too. A cabin on the trip from Labuan Bajo back to Lombok is 1 million rupiah (just over 100 USD). The deck is 700,000 rupiah.

The boat stops to do a little snorkeling at Gili Laba and at Moyo Island off of Sumbawa to swim in the pool under a waterfall. It gives everyone a chance to freshen up. This is the better of the two trips or you can go both ways and get a reduced rate.

Perama Tours

Jun 2, 2006

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    Saya mau tahu kalau ada Tour Ke Kelimutu? dan berapa harganya? mohon informasinya,sebelumnya saya ucapkan banyak terima kasih

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  2. Dear Perama Tour,

    Please kindly advice your office phone no? I would like to know about how to arrange ferry ticket from Labuanbajo to Lombok, depart from Labuanbajo on 25 May 09 for 2 persons?

    how much the price tickets for 2 persons?

    please kindly advice me soon.

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  3. Hi there
    Just wondering what the cost is to travel from Legian to Ubud for the day. I was thinking of going this Saturday July 6TH.


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