White Cow

holycow_032.jpgBali cremation ceremony

The big white cow was being made for the cremation of a holy man that had died in Ubud at the old age of 104 years.

The fourth son, Ketut was in charge of organizing the production and invited me down to take a few photos.

They had been working on it for about 3 weeks and it was almost complete.

nikiniki_001.jpg The eyebrows were made of monkey skin with the hair still on. I asked Ketut if the fur had come from the monkeys in the monkey forest but he was startled. No these were from Javanese monkeys. The ones in the monkey forest in Udud were off limits. (sacred)

They were set up at Artini 3 cottages around the bend from the perama bus terminal. The owner is fairly well off and I think he was sponsoring the operation financially.

nikiniki_100.jpgThe cremation ceremony is a big event and Ketut said there were over a thousand people at the ceremony. (I was in Timor and missed it) Lots of foreigners were there as well.

The biggest problem was getting the cow over to where the event was to take place because it had to pass under the wires going across the road.

Ubud ceremonies

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