Atauro Island Lifestyle

lazydaz_023.jpgAtauro Island life

You move a little slower on Atauro Island. I don’t know if it’s the heat or just the margarittaville affect.

There are very few tourists but occasionally one or two come stumbling along.

Usually it’s dive groups that come over from Dili to explore the coral reefs surrounding the island.

lazydaz_024.jpgMany of the islanders fish for subsistence and bring the excess to Dili if there is any.

The income is low but the people seem to live a good life.

There is not really any of the violence that you sometimes run into on the big island.

Corn is planted at the beginning of the rainy season.

lazydaz_021.jpgThere is a water line that encircles most of the island that feeds from a spring on the south side up in the mountains.

It really looks wild the way it is attatched to the rock walls and cliffs on the rugged south side especially.

It almost looks like a tinker toy set up but it seems to be working ok.

This island is very dry so this water line is a huge help to the residents.

lazydaz_004.jpgIt doesn’t seem to be used for farming but rather for day to day needs.

Most of the planting coincides the rainy season. I am told that sometimes there is so much rain that it washes everything away.

Life is not easy on Atauro. There are few vehicles and most everything is done the old way.

The reef is full of marine life but the fish that live near town have gotten smart and are not that easy to catch.

lazydaz_025.jpg The boats going back and forth to Dili often troll a fishing lure behind and might catch a trevally or two on the way.

Some guys that made the trip last week had 7 strikes and brought in 5 of these big fish. It made their day and helped pay the fuel.

There are charters that you can organize from Dili.

The two western places to stay are the Tua Ko’in Eco-Village and Nema’s Lodge in Beloi. You could camp on the beach as well but it really isn’t necessary.

Nema’s Lodge 670 723 6084
Tua Ko’in 670 723 6085

Atauro Island – East Timor

Nov 26, 2006

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