Nema’s Lodge

531backups_013.jpgNema’s Lodge – Atauro Island

Nema’s Lodge on Atauro is the best place to stay if you are going to be there for a while.

This island is hot and dusty in the dry season but it really can rain during the wet.

Camping on the beach is an option but it is so nice in those cabins and you have the nice fresh water showers to rinse off after a dip in the ocean.

atauro_141.jpgThere are a 3 comfortable cottages to stay in at Nema’s, right next to the dock at Beloi market.

You can take the ferry or organize a trip with one of the local fishermen from Dili.

Barry has a few masks and snorkels that you can use to explore the coral out front.

There is a fringing reef all the way around the island with a gap in it near the pier in Beloi where the ferry can slip through in deep water on a low tide.

atauro_065.jpgMost of the local guys wait till high tide and zip over the submerged coral.

Barry charges 15.00 a night per person to stay at the lodge with local Timorese food included. Timorese coffee in the morning really hits the spot.

There is a small outrigger canoe you can use on the house reef for fishing or snorkeling but it is not for long trips.

The current can be swift when the tide is changing so a little caution should be used.

atauro_113.jpgA new cabin is being added to the line up this week. They all are built a different style have the traditional alang-alang grass roofs which are a real piece of art.

The grass is cut and bundled by the villagers in the mountains to earn some revenue. It is a big job.

Nema’s has a solar panel system that is sufficient to run the basic electrical needs of the place. If they run the fridge a small generator is fired up.

atauro_121.jpg It is a rustic setting but is well thought out and very peaceful.

Some of the dive safari outfits stay there for the night. The scuba diving is reputed to be some of the best around.

The reefs are clean and loaded with coral and schools of dolphin are often seen cruising through.

You can give Barry a call at +067 723 6084 to let him know you are on the way.

atauro_079.jpg This New Years is booked by a dive group but he can use more guests at other times because things are slow this year.

If you drink beer it wouldn’t be a bad idea to bring along a few flats. Barry can fire up the generator and keep them cool.

Nema’s Lodge

Nov 26, 2006

6 responses to “Nema’s Lodge”

  1. Dear Barry,

    Hi .. my name is Betty Lum and I’m a friend of Lachlan McKenzie. My partner Andy and I are planning a visit to East Timor and are after just a quiet time away for a couple of weeks. Lachie highly recommends your place and thinks it would be ideal for us.

    At this stage we havne’t any firm dates but are wondering whether you have any quiet hut some time say in early April maybe easter period?

    A few questions:


  2. Hi Barry,

    My name is Betty Lum and I’m a friend of Lachie Mckenzie. My partner and I plan on coming to East Timor and after a quiet place to stay.

    Lachie highly recommends your place! Would you have any vacant huts in early April maybe easter?


  3. Hi Barry,

    My name is Betty Lum and Im a friend of Lachie McKenzie. My partner and I are after a quiet
    stay in East Timor and Lachie highly recommends your place.

    Do you have any vacant huts in early April? possibly for 10 days?

    How much do you charge .. does this include meals?
    How long is the ferry ride? Does one get seasick?
    Do we need to bring our own food?
    If we want alcohol do you prefer we bring our own?

    Look forward to your reply.

    Betty Lum

  4. Hey DP,
    Myself and three friends will be travelling to Atauro in September 2013 to do some spearfishing and are planning to stay at Barry’s,
    There is a real shortage of info when chasing up contacts and other queries however I do know you cannot book accommodation until your eight months out.
    I will ensure to gather as much info as I can regarding the logistics of the trip and pass it your way. I’ll also have a bit of a tech head with me that might be able to give Barry a hand posting more info on his site and others.

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