Tua Ko’in Eco Resort

atauro_107.jpgatauro_144.jpgResort on Atauro Island

The Tua Ko’in Eco Resort is on the southeast side of Atauro near Vila.

It seems like a well built place but I wasn’t able to get any information about it from anyone there.

It was originally an NGO project and it does look good but the welcoming atmosphere seems to be missing.

The kids from school all come over to drink from the tap and wash up a bit. They are a happy gang.

There is a beach across the front and a shop just around the corner where I got coke and donuts.

atauro_149.jpgI have heard the charge is 25 dollars a night but suggest you call for specifics. Their phone is 670 723 6085

There is local transportation available to Dili from the beach area here.

The Manucoco boat pictured below leaves every other day or so but was too full to take on extra passangers when I checked with them.

atauro express The Atauro Express makes the round trip on Saturdays at this time but it is best to verify that they are on that schedule. They leave from Beloi around 3pm to 4 pm to Dili. The cost is around 3 to 5 dollars.

Atauro Island – East Timor

nov 2006

Atauro – Tua Ko’in Eco Resort

Here is an update sent in from one of the readers.

New information or corrections are always welcome and can be included in the comment section at the end of every story.

Information from reader Danielle by email:

Hi, I noticed you don’t have much information on Tua Ko’in- it’s a shame (and a
surprise!) that you couldn’t find anyone to tell you about it while you were
there. I wonder whether you had a chance to look at the information kiosk or
read through the brochures and other information in the common room?

Tua Ko’in arranges everything from snorkelling and boat rides to guided walks to
the top of Mt. Monucoco, traditional songs and performances, massages,
traditional banquets and trips to the other side of the island where they are
working with two other communities to build similar hut accomodation (they
weren’t finished when I was there). All of the proceeds go back into the
community, specifically through health and education projects. Tourism money
has been used for repairs to the island’s only high school and health clinic, as
well as installation of water supply, composting toilets, a library, etc. Tua
Ko’in has an advisory board made up of village heads and community
representatives who decide how the proceeds will be spent.

The eco-village is very much operational- I was just there a couple of weeks
ago! You can find out a lot more by visiting Tua Ko’in’s website at:


May I also recommend you add this link to your info page and perhaps update your
information to more adequately portray what is an excellent example of
sustainable (100% Timorese) community owned and operated tourism. People should
not be discouraged from visiting such an idyllic eco-resort with so many
positive impacts on the local communities. Also, the fees are on a sliding
scale ranging from $20 (weekdays) to $25 (Sat) and include three meals. Hope
this helps!


Nov 27, 2006 www.dutchpickle.com

5 responses to “Tua Ko’in Eco Resort”

  1. A hotspring resort developing company based in Taiwan is interesting in looking for touristic related investment orpportunity in East Timor, is there any one who can help me to contact East Timor tourism authority and giving directions

  2. I was there last weekend (May 2011). Spend 2 nights. The place is lovely, however they do not care about a big problem: mice. The mice or the rats ate my belongings: clothes, purses, bags…and they didnt care! They repeat only: that is why I recommended to put your value things, like documents and money on the safe. Before they said it, but they didnt alert us for this mice atack that is a recurrent event since the beginning. NGO or not, community business or not there is a solution for this problem: cats and metal plaques…but they are indiferent. The only thing that matter is to have the «malay» money!

  3. Too bad someone – eco minded tourist perhaps – wouldn’t help them up date their web site. It still says, “Internet/fax Connection in the near future (as at July 2005)” that’s 7 years of waiting! Really hard to book with them from another country at this rate.

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