Alex and Angelo’s

liliomar_041.jpgAlex and Angelos

Oceanside guesthouse in Com

Alex and Angelos is the first guesthouse that you come to when you enter town.

It is a nice clean little place on a rocky beach. There is a small bamboo fence around the yard with a gate that they will open so you can drive your vehicle in.

There were 2 rooms complete with mosquito nets but there are hardly any mozzys in Com.

easttimor_054.jpgThe beds are nice and comfortable and you can leave the door and windows open for a cross breeze.

There is a big eating area with a great view of the ocean.

A lantern or two will be brought in for light. Make sure take a lighter or a flashlight in case you need to make a visit to the mandi at night.

It’s 5.00 a night and they can cook you up some dinner and bring over cold beer and soft drinks.

Com – East Timor

Aug 15, 2006

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