Com Beach Resort

liliomar_051.jpgCom Beach Resort

The Com Beach Resort on the beach before you get to Com is a little fancier.

They have electricity, air con, and tv.

There is a nice bar on the beach and the grounds are well taken care off.

The management is very friendly.

The rooms start at 25.00 dollars for rooms with shared baths and range up to 85.00 for the suites.

Anabella is the manager
phone 670 728 3311
670 723 6009

liliomar_059.jpg liliomar_072.jpg
liliomar_070.jpg liliomar_061.jpg


Aug 15, 2006

7 responses to “Com Beach Resort”

  1. request availability for accommodation. check-in 3 August 2009, check-out 8 August 2009. thanks.

  2. Hi,
    Just returned from visit of East Timor… Be so kind please, where is possible to buy your published postcards for East Timor? In Backpackers were only a some of rest ones… Thanks!

  3. Hello ,
    Was wondering if you could help me , i have an orphan Female Monkey , i was told you have large Troop of Monkeys near your resort . Do you think there is any chance we could release her out there , so she can join the others ? Yes i know it sounds like a strange request , but we would rather see her in the wild than back on a chain getteing dragged around the streets of Dili.

    Kind Regards

    TLAG 16

  4. I am writing this comment from the conference room of the resort…i think this is a nice place to be….I love this place and I am a Timorese. Cheers


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