Jaco Island

jaco_155.jpgJaco Island

One of the top destinations in East Timor has got to be Jaco Island just off the east end of Timor.

It is about an 8 hour drive from Dili. A trail bike or 4×4 would be the best transport out there.

jaco_174.jpgA regular car could make it up to Tutuala but you would have to leave it in town and walk the rest of the way because the trail really deteriorates the closer you get.

It is even a challenge for 4×4′s.

Local transport could be taken to Tutuala but there are few vehicles going that way and the trip would only be for people with a lot of patience and endurance.

Then you would have to walk the last 8 km or so to the beach.

jaco_160.jpgThere are no facilities there but some fishermen hang out there selling fish and coconuts and they don’t mind having visitors.

Some people bring tents and others sleep in their vehicles.

Another option is to sleep in the undercuts that are in the rock walls along the beach.

The fishermen have some bamboo benches that they will let you use, but it is a good idea to help them out a little and buy some fish and coconuts or whatever to help out their economy a bit.

jaco_140.jpgThere doesn’t seem to be any mosquitoes down there so you can sleep in peace but watch out for when the rains come!

These guys will transport you across to the island and back for 5 dollars. Jaco has no permanent settlement but some fishermen hang out there from time to time.

If you decide to stay there be sure to bring drinking water or coconuts.

jaco_138.jpg Big schools of dolphins pass through the channel and it is loaded with fish.

This is the only place where I’ve seen snorkelers spear tunas. Before the rains come the water is clear and the visibility is almost unlimited.

I have yet to dive the channel but judging by the variety of fish these guys bring in the marine life must be astounding.

jaco_180.jpg The beach on Jaco is superb.

There are clean wide stretches of white sand and plenty of shade trees further inland.

It is good in a way that Jaco is not that easy to get to or it could be over run with tourists and it might some of the magic of this place.

jaco_163.jpg If you make it to East Timor be sure to try to squeeze in a trip to Jaco!

Mega Tours in Dili East Timor does expeditions to the island if you don’t have the desire to go there on your own.

Jaco Island – East Timor

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  1. Maybe you can give some solution how to promove the local economic in the valu beach about marketing of the fish.

    Thanks for your opinion

  2. Island of Jaco and its surroundings (it) is true have [in] opening as national park by government of leste timor because with various life which still experience of and culture which still strength . Previous [of] jaco represent labor place place and look for fish even can spend the night until 2 – 5 day by society of tutuala but after that regulation there [is] all that [do] not be enabled and have to [in] looking after.
    Many entrepreneur of and china of thaiwan which will buy marine product but by then there is no permit of ministry of commerce and fishery so that they may not ship beroperasi.

  3. Lack of valid regulation represent especial constraint to government to limit and opportunity to to foreign entrepreneur to operate [in] east timor. Expenditure of state sometime just for functioner and less the existence of attention [at] people economics [in] rural like searching marketing to result of farmer of small society [in] area which [is] have potency. Factor cause of maybe less the existence of ability of government and possible have to with existence of trainings of courses outside to be able to compare and also study experience which more than other state.





  5. hello all,
    please don’t worry about how to manage a valu beach and jaco island..
    we are ecotourism planner will develop all eco-tourism resources in Nino Conis Santana National Park..
    if jaco island have developed. really, it would be the popular tourist object in the world and a lot of people would said jaco island is a bali of timor-leste..

    adeus e obrigado

  6. Obrigada ba ita bot sira nia plano kona desenvolvimento eco turismo ba Tutuala atu bele turista barak liu tan ….Adeus..

  7. Nudar ema Tutuala hau mos agradece ba ita ita bot sira nia plano atu bele realiza ne precisa ita nia kontribuicao no colaboracao ba desenvolvimento rai Tutuala nian.Ho ita pasencia no conciencia hau hanoin ita bele realiza duni e bele dada turista barak liu tan hodi Tutuala sai nudar Eco Turismo nebe iha valor nebe a’as iha Futuro ne’ebe mai.Maibe hau triste oituan tamba Tutuala sempre hetan susar kona saneamento no be’e mos nebe a final buat ida nebe importante liu iha ita moris lor-loron nian,ida mak impacto bot ba povo Tutuala atu hala’o sira nia moris lor-loron nian………..adeus……..thanks

  8. WALU, JACO, POUSADA TUTUALA. ana e nau tali neceremu

  9. DP,

    Just got myself a two man tent and sleeping bag here in Sydney so if i get the time i will be going to this place for sure as from your photos it looks just fantastic…I will update any new information i come across for you while i’m over in East Timor…might have to make it 3 weeks now mate!

    At this time I’m thinking of going over in July as its our winter here in Australia them.


  10. Very enjoyable information and pictures.
    I am very interested in the past and present
    arrangements of timorese government
    regarding lobster fishing.
    What exactly have they given away.
    Can the thai and chinese fishermen be stoped
    or they have some agreement?
    I would appreciate any info.

    Best Regards

    John (Melbourne Australia)

  11. Hi,
    I like your blog and read it from time to timr. I was wondering if you i could use some of your photos on the web site. I am more that appy to watermark them with your name.

    Please let me know.

    Thanks Jim.

  12. I am looking for some articles for reading class in English version and they must be relevant to everything about Timor. So, can you please posting up more and more articles on this web???? I want to teach my students. Thanks!

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