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The furthest east you can go in Timor is Jaco Island. It is a place where a lot of aid workers go to get away from Dili for the weekend.

The island itself is uninhabited but the local guys will ferry you across the channel and back for 5 dollars.

There are some traditional houses that you pass on the road from Lautem.

Strings of shells hanging on the roofs of these houses with big nautalis shells in the middle that look like giant necklaces.

easttimor_094.jpgThe guy at the beach was trying to sell a beautiful one for 3 dollars.

I did buy a fish from him for 2 dollars but that nautalis shell would never have made it out in one piece on that bike.

The road between Tutuala and Jaco is in rough shape and steep. It was a bit of work getting out of there on the old mail bike but it made it in the end.

There was a lot of rain so I waited it out, standing under the eve of a building in Tutuala.

easttimor_093.jpgAfter an hour or two it stopped and I headed down to the beach. It is only 9 kilometers but it took a couple of hours.

Not having done any research on the place I was surprised to find that there were no guesthouses or anything down there.

Some under cuts in the rock walls were used by the local guys to sleep out of the rain. They were kind of like shallow caves and you could stay dry on some bamboo benches they made.

They didn’t mind me hanging around for the night so I took off down the beach with the old bike to find firewood.

There was some scrap line in the debris that lands up on the beach with the tide. I used it to tie a bunch of branches to the back of the bike and drag to the campsite. It was really nice to dry out by the fire.

easttimor_038.jpgA guy and his wife working with a Taiwan or Singapore NGO was down there too. They landed up snorkeling on off Jaco the next day but I headed out.

I wasn’t 100 percent sure that bike was going to make it out of there.

It was best to get an early start in case something went wrong I would have all day to figure something out.

But no worries. That little bike chugged it’s way out of there.

Com – East Timor

Jun 3, 2006 www.dutchpickle.com

16 responses to “Tutuala – Jaco”

  1. I am from tutuala village. Tutuala is a important village in Lospalos district but cummunity of the village is verry poor about sanitation and water pam, so you can help them about the necesity because sanitation is verry imporant to the life.
    Taks for your helped.

  2. I’m egidio guimares from tutuala can give information about prospect of tourism in tutuala

  3. Have you been to Tutuala and Jaco beach ? So I can explain that up to now no any connected about internet and hand phone connection maybe you can give some solution how to developed this problems, I can say that I now living in yogyakarta (Indonesia)to attended study in UGM if you reply this letter you can sent to my E-mail. I am Sorry,because my language is very complicated to understand.

  4. Sory, can I know what is your name and where are you live! Are you have plan to visit Tutuala ? My mother and father living in tutuala.

  5. Yes, I think the place is very expensive and also very limited facilitation and other things. All most be happen because no regulation and standardization price from government so the prices dependent from them.

    I can speak Fataluku. Do you understand some fataluku ? I think some word same like Tagalog (Philippine language).


  6. I am very happy if you have plan to doing some research in Tutuala specially on the cave paintings so before you doing you can consult to my uncle his name is Rafael Guimaraes hi stay in tutuala village because hi is very important person to give all information about background of the Tutuala histories and also culture. The Rafael Guimaraes, hi is are owner of the cave paintings or ILI KERE-KERE.

    Thanks for your interest

  7. SInce 2007 Tutuala working with the NGO HABURAS has developed a small tourist lodge on the beach, just north of the fishermen’s area. It is a communal venture and about 50 Tutuala families are involved. You can stay, and eat, there supported by Tutuala men and women who do shifts of a few days. The money is shared between the coop members. I was there when solar panels were installed in 2008. It still lacks fresh water which has to be trucked in.
    The road to the beach was also built and maintained by the villagers.
    There won’t be internet and that sort of thing – the phone signal drops off near Mehara and Tutuala is isolated in that respect.
    A new issue is the creation of a National Park in the area. Great for stopping illegal logging and so-on, but local rights of access need to be respected.

  8. I visited Tutuala beach in 2002 and internet and phone connections was far from our minds when we were there. We were welcome by the fishermen who sold and cooked some fish for us. We spent the night at the beach e had the time of our lives. It is fair for the people of Tutuala to get something from that beauty. Let’s hope they will not develop it the according to the normal standards – it would ruin its magic.

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