easttimor_045.jpgBaucau, East Timor

There is a lot of history to Baucau. I don’t know too much about it so you will have to hit the books if you are interested in that sort of thing.

There are a lot of Portuguese influenced buildings in this town and it looks kind of cool.

I just stopped there for gas and took a trip down to the beach about 5 kilometers downhill from town. The men there were building a boat from scratch on the beach.

There are some old fortifications down there and a few fishing boats but nothing special.

easttimor2_012.jpg The road winding down there is scenic.

You pass a school on the way and all the kids are all saying hello, hello, and high fiving. It is a steep grade all the way.

The one place in town that had benzine had run out. When I had filled up there before the attendant was hand pouring the gas into my tank while puffing away at a cigarette. Not too concerned about safety.

easttimor_053.jpg Most of the benzine vendors sell fuel from bottles lined up in rows in front of their shops.

The place at the intersection on the way to the airport was selling fuel by the 5 liters. 5 liters for 5 dollars.

My tank only took 3 liters so we took turns finishing of my water and used those bottles to store the extra fuel. They were happy to see me again and I bought a few more oranges while I was there.

The odd thing was there were a lot of machete vendors alongside the road. I had never encountered anything like that before and was wondering if the shops were always there or if the people were arming themselves for possible rough times ahead.

Baucau – East Timor

Jun 3, 2006

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