Dili to Kupang

border_029.jpgDili to Kupang

The trip from Dili to Kupang takes 12 to 14 hours. Travel companies make the trip every day with mini buses but they were booked through Christmas so I caught a lift in the back of a truck.

For 18 dollars Timor Travel will pick you up and drop you off at your destination in Kupang, a sprawling city that is hard to navigate, especially at night.

I caught a cab for 1.50 from the Backpackers Guesthouse in Dili to Tasatolu west of Dili where there are usually buses lined up to west bound destinations.

border_032 There were no more buses because it was already 10 am and the Saturday before Christmas. One of the passing trucks had room and offered to drop me off at the border for 4 dollars.

It is not overly pleasant riding in the back of a truck swerving around the corners with scorching sun beating down on you but we got there in one piece.

The Indonesian embassy in Dili has been more flexible handing out 60 day visas lately but that trend could change. It was a quick stamp through and a short walk between the border. There is a quick inspection of your luggage but it’s not too much of a hassle.

nikiniki_019 I took an ojek (motorbike) to Atambua for 3 dollars and caught a bus to Kupang from there (3 – 5 dollars) It takes about 8 hours from Atambua to Kupang and you arrive at night.

At night the buses drop every person off at their destination so that takes an additional 2 hours.

The Lavalon Guesthouse in Kupang has rooms for 30,000 rupiah. The Maliana Hotel has rooms starting at 70,000 rupiah up to 125,000 rupiah for rooms with air con. Next door the Susi Hotel starts at around 55,000 rupiah. There are many other more expensive options in Kupang

Stop in and say hello to Edwin at the Lavalon Bar on the waterfront on Jalan Sumatera for local information and a cold beer.

Dili to Kupang

Dec 24, 2006 www.dutchpickle.com

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  1. I am working with the UN as peacekeeper and now detailed at Oecussi district. My wife is coming from the Philippines and we plan to meet in Jakarta for a holiday and afterwhich she will go back with me to Oecussi for 4 months stay. After her stay we leave for Philippines via malaysia. For me i’l be back to Oecussi to finish my mission.
    In this connection, can you give me any suggestion on my plan so i will not find hard time in meeting my wife in Jakarta and her return with me to Oecussi regarding her visa. Give me the cheapest way but not a hardway for her. Suggestion to include my trip via buses and plane.
    Thank you and more power.

  2. hello every one, I am currently looking at going to Dili on the 6th October then on to Kupang via Bus, it seems hard to get a visa at the Indo consulate here in Darwin. can i still get a VOA at the border ?

  3. sorry for the earlier post.
    Hello Dp. I am An Australian.
    just getting a bit confused as i went to the Indo embassy here today they can not give me a visa from Dili to Kupang because i don’t have an Itinerary. all i have is a flight ticket from Darwin to Dili return. I should be able to get a visa at the Indonesian consulate there in Dili right ?
    Thanks for your help.

  4. Thankyou Dp :)

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