Pousada De Baucau

liliomar_032.jpgPousada De Baucau.

This is one of the nicest hotels in East Timor and has a lot of style for those that want to splurge.

The Pink Hotel

This big pink hotel is the Pousada De Baucau.

tel: 670 7241111
email: pousadadebaucau @ sapo.pt

The rooms are around 60.00 dollars a night.

There are supposed to be a couple of guesthouses in Baucau for those on a budget. A better bet would be to continue on the road that goes out from the front of the Pousada and head on out to Com. At the fork in the road with the huge rock stay to the right and you will land up in Com.

liliomar_018.jpg liliomar_039.jpg
liliomar_037.jpg liliomar_024.jpg
liliomar_026.jpg liliomar_035.jpg

It is a beautiful drive and there are some nice beaches on the way.

Baucau, East Timor

Aug 13, 2006 www.dutchpickle.com

6 responses to “Pousada De Baucau”

  1. I have a group of people coming to Baucau and require rooms for 11 people in total ( 6 rooms ) the actual dates are still to be determined however will be between 8-15 July. Can you please let me know how much per room per night.
    Fiona Jurberg
    Mission Travel services
    Melbourne Australia
    613 9889 0777

  2. Does anyone know if there are any neighborhoods or houses that I can buy around this area?

  3. To Pousada de Baucau

    We, couple want to stay your hotel from on 22nd April to on 24th April 2011 for 2nights.
    Do you have one vacant room for us (twin bed with bath tab)?
    Is the price US$65.00 for one night included taxes, breakfast and wireless Internet(including computer)?

    If the transfer price from airport to your hotel by car is US$80.00, we want to reserve the car.
    Our schedule is as follows,
    21st Apr. from Osaka, Japan to Denpasar, Bali (arrive at 17:10 by GA883)
    22nd Apr. from Denpasar to Dili (arrive at 13:30 by MZ8480)
    24th Apr. from Dili (depart at 14:10 by MZ8490) to Denpasar

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