liliomar_107.jpgViqueque waterfall

Heading north out of Viqueque there is a beautiful waterfall right alongside the road.

Sometimes the people will stop and wash their car here.

It is a scenic and fairly easy trip to travel between Viqueque and Baucau.

Figure on around 5 hours from Dili to Viqueque. The road is in good shape going through a beautiful countryside.

There is no real tourist infrastructure along the way but there is a loseman in Viqueque with a good but small restaraunt across the street. It’s called the Loseman Rua Beloi (7 dollars a night). The guy that owns it has many sons that can help you repair vehicles that have broken down.

He is a cool dude with a big American flag painted on the hood of his jeep. The people down there were very friendly making the trip really fun.

Check the page on Rua Beloi for pics and more info.

Viqueque – East Timor

Aug 14, 2006 www.dutchpickle.com

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