13 November 2006

nov13_008.jpgA day in Novembe

Construction and demonstrations

Today was kind of a weird one. Solomon Brothers Construction was busy working on the Beach Road parking in front of the palace while demonstrators were gathering behind the palace having a rally, some throwing stones. It was like 2 different worlds.

palace_024.jpg The demonstrators came in trucks this morning and milled about until they were finally disbanded by the police around 2 pm.

The protesters are usually given time to vent their frustration as long as the rally is peaceful, after all East Timor is a democracy and the people want to be heard.

As usual I don’t have any idea what they were demonstrating for or against but it gave you something to watch if you were eating at one of the sidewalk restaurants back there.

nov13_003.jpgIt was a small rally and was basically uneventful.

Yesterday was a day of remembrance for the people killed at the Santa Cruz Massacre.

Those people were killed by the Indonesian Army while in a funeral procession that turned into a pro independence march near the cemetery on Nov 12, 1991.

nov13_004.jpgThey didn’t get an accurate count of the dead but it was believed to be around 271 plus others that were disappeared.

Last night as it got later there was a large group of easterners roaming the streets.

Tires were set fire at many intersections around town but there didn’t seem to be any serious violence but most residents kept a low profile for the evening, especially the westerners.

nov13_012.jpgThis morning I had a cup of coffee at the Harbor View Cafe where a couple of Filipina girls are trying to make a go of it there.

The location is grand with a beautiful view of the harbor where you can watch fishermen walk by with trevalleys, tunas, octopus, and lobster.

I really like it there but at this time there are so few tourists that it will be difficult for the girls to make it.

nov13_010.jpg The sidewalk crew is doing a fantastic job on the parking along the beach and it will be a very nice improvement for the front of the palace.

It is good to see positive action taking place.

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