Arte Moris Revisited

artemoris2_016.jpgartemoris2_006.jpgArte Moris art school in Dili

The Atre Moris painters were busy working today on a big mural for a stage production.

This school located near the Comoro bridge on the way to the airport is well worth a visit. The students there work on banners and other positive vibe paintings that are put around Dili to promote peace.

It is open most week days but was closed for a day or two this week because some troublemakers were street fighting nearby. It escalated into a full scale riot and some rioters were killed. (Oct 25 2006) The airport was shut down for the day because no one wanted to go to work and risk getting involved in the violence.

artemoris2_012.jpg East Timor has so much potential, but things here are still a bit shakey because the gangs are struggling for power.

For the most part it is relatively safe for foreigners apart from an occasional rock getting thrown at their vehicles.

Arte Moris tries to provide an alternative to destroying everything and give the people a chance to create.


Oct 27, 2006

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