Aussie Embassy in Dili

asda_020Australian Embassy in Dili gets a facelift

The Australian embassy got a good polishing this week. Work crews were painting away and doing a fine job so I had to pull over and snap a picture.

Australians are on the s*** list for now in East Timor possibly as a result of actions taken on the 25th of Oct. (2006)

There was some gang activity along the Comoro Road and a popular gang leader wound up dead.

I don’t know the real story but some of the people blame the Australian federal police for his death.

asda_027The embassy does look good and is the only one that is not wasting beach front real estate like the others on the beach road.

It’s on the Comoro road on the way out of town towards the airport before the bridge.

The staff is fairly efficient and can issue Australian visas for travelers on their way down under.

Aussie embassy link

Australian embassy in Dili

Dec 3, 2006

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