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easttimor_115.jpgBackpackers Guesthouse in Dili

The only real choice for the budget traveler is the Backpackers Guesthouse near the Tiger Fuel in the Mandarin area of Dili.

It’s secure, has hot showers, air conditioning, dvd player. and a great little pub, the Smokehouse, out back. The best value in Dili is the Backpackers Guest house in the suburb of Mandarin on Rua de Thomas Americo.

Phone (+670) 7238121. The showers are hot, the rooms clean and the kitchen is well equipped.

There are few street signs with the names in Dili so you just have to wing it.

easttimor_022.jpgThe taxis will find it and you will get the hang of the traffic flow after a few days.

Tell them it’s next to Tiger fuel, Mandarin (Dili has 2 Tiger Fuels so be sure to specify).There are a lot of one way streets that take a while to figure out.

Henry has a fleet of old Australian outback mail delivery bikes for rent that are well worn but pretty tough. As long as the spark plug is good they seem to keep chugging along.

easttimor_025.jpg I took one of them on a tour over some back roads the last two weeks and was surprised at how well it held up, especially coming up the trail from Jaco Island.

That road is in sad shape and probably hasn’t been worked on since the Indonesians left.

I had get off the bike with the throttle going and push it along a bit. It was a work out, but it would have not been fun to get stuck down there.

easttimor2_072.jpg At the Backpackers a bed in the dorm rooms costs 8.00 a night.

There are not too many tourists there right now (may-june 2006) so you will probably have a room to yourself. There are also 2 or 3 private rooms and an apartment out back.

The political situation will calm down with time and a lot of people might consider using Dili as a place to go and get a new Indonesian visa.

easttimor_027.jpg It is worth hanging around a few weeks in East Timor if you are there anyway.

There are a lot of outback places to see and there is some great scuba diving right outside of Dili.

Henry’s place is air conditioned and has a nice lounge area with a dvd player. There’s a heap of dvd’s to sort through but only half of them work.

easttimor3_110.jpg Out front is Sun’s, an Indian restaurant that has a regular following and across the street is a Pakistani restaurant that isn’t too bad.

The Prime Minister stops in from time to time to get something to eat here. (With his Australian bodyguards)

The Indonesian embassy is a short walk away if you are applying for a visa, the cost is 35.00 USD. They only accept US currency. For normal service it takes about a week.

rita2_002.jpg Rita is very helpful with information and always invites guests for dinner. She seems to know everyone and is a good politician.

Gloria, a doctor with the Red Cross, Patrick, a cool Irishman, and the pickle were the only guests lately.

At the Backpackers you have full use of the kitchen and you can save a lot of money if you don’t mind cooking.

border_021.jpg There are street markets where you can get your produce and stores like Litas and Leaders where you can pick up other staples.

The problem is with the tension and uncertainty a lot of shops are not open for business.

One aggravating thing with Dili is that the internet connections are very slow so I might only put text on line and add the pictures later.

extras_033.jpgVery slow internet costs 5.00 an hour and that can really add up in a hurry.

The Hotel Dili has broadband but you have to get a room to use it. Their economy room single with shared bath is 25 US. The basic is 42.50, Suites 62.50, delux 110.00 and Apt 142.50 plus 6.00 per day for internet. phone 670 723 1055

The best value in Dili for budget travelers is the Backpackers Guesthouse but the Dili Guesthouse might work for you if you are tight on funds. (Located near the roundabout. Rooms 5 dollars per night.)

venture_088.jpg Keep in mind if you are just waiting for an Australian visa or hanging out in general you can go to places like Maliana (Rita’s hometown) or some of the other towns that are not much more expensive than Indonesia.

Update dec 2006 – Timor Telecom has lowered internet rates to 2.00 dollars an hour. They have several computers in the telecom office by the parliment building. They plan to put in an internet cafe in the Leaders supermarket complex soon.

copy_of_terrors_014.jpgBoozey’s story

This dog is one street smart pooch that patrols the area between the refugee camp across from Hotel Timor and Tiger fuel.

The official mascot of the Backpackers Guesthouse is rarely to be found during the day but he always shows up for guard duty at night.

He was already shot one time by a hook dart by someone hunting dinner so it takes a long time to earn his trust. The only one that can give him a bath is his pal Henry.

hookdart_001.jpgThis is the type of hook dart that went through his side missing his heart. These “ambons” are also used in the gang warfare.

Fortunately the good Dr. Dan from the clinic patched him up and he was good as new but a bit tender for a month or so.

Backpackers Guesthouse in Dili, East Timor

Dan & Rita
East Timor Backpackers
Dili, Timor-Leste
(+670) 7239821 / 7238121

Backpackers Guesthouse Dili East Timor

Jun 3, 2006

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  1. No address to this location?

  2. hai haw are you am abthulla from srilanka pz give your ph number

  3. I was there a few month back. The Backpackers is still running. Rita now co-owns it with her boyfriend Dan.

    The phone numbers listed on their business card are – (dp note – please see the post below by Dan with updated info – thank you)

    It was easy to get to, just say Tiger Fuel to the Taxi driver and it is 50m passed it on the same side, or say ‘Mandarin’ and look out for the sign (There is one now), just after you pass Tiger Fuel.

  4. Hello dp

    I’ve just realised I’ve made a mistake with the email address for the backpackers.

    In my previous post I missed off the final ‘s’

    Sorry for the error.


    note from dp – please see post below by Dan for more info

  5. Hello Dutchpickle

    I took over the running of East Timor Backpackers after Henry passed away. Rita is still here running it as the manager. We hope one day you can come back for a visit.

    I have one small request. Is it possible for you to either remove the post above by David that has our email address listed incorrectly, or to correct it, because even with his correction below, some sites including Google are picking up on the incorrect address from your page in their listings. We have had a few guests who have written down the address based on the google listing and so we don’t receive their emails. Many Thanks.

    Please also feel free to edit or delete this post.


    Dan & Rita
    East Timor Backpackers
    Dili, Timor-Leste
    (+670) 7239821 / 7238121

  6. Hello dp

    Just though i’d let you know that as of today 31st July 2012 all existing Timor-Leste mobile phone numbers need an extra 7 added to the front, otherwise they will no longer work.

    Our numbers at the backpackers are now (+670) 77239821 / 77238121


    East Timor Backpackers

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