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mia_007.jpgCheap lunches in Dili

Backpackers and budget travelers can treat themselves to a cheap plate of good food at the Bakso Depot on the Comoro road.

If you are staying at the Backpackers Guesthouse just go out the gate and walk to the right. If it’s too hot to walk you can take a taxi for a dollar.

In the early morning the 4th place alongside the canal has some good bread, but they run out around 9am. There are no signs or anything. People just know where everything is.

mia_008.jpgThere are many local cafes in nearby Bairro Pite’ as well but it is hard to move around there if you don’t have wheels.

The East Timorese don’t usually use the Indonesian word “warung” but they would understand what you are talking about.

This depot is across the street from the Australian embassy in a cluster of small restaurants. For a dollar you can get a good sized bowl of bakso with an egg.

There are padang and Indonesian style places that serve traditional food for 1.00 to 2.00 dollars.

East Timor is reputed to be a rather expensive country to travel in but those on a budget can get by fairly cheaply if you are willing to go local.

mia_011The transport can be very cheap too. A ride from Dili all the way to Maliana (4 hours) is only 3 dollars.

At night there are many fish and chicken vendors along the beach that are very cheap and the location can’t be beat.

A real good 4.00 dollar buffet can be had at the Terrace Cafe behind the palace. (Formerly Bali Sunrise on the beach road.)

It is not traditional and gets a mixed crowd. It is probably the best value in Dili.

bakso depot

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