Fan Lee Bar

fanlee_005.jpgfanlee_003.jpgFan Lee Bar in Colmera

If you are up to visiting one of the karoke bars in Dili the Fan Lee Bar in Colmera might be worth a look.

Celina is the bartender and is really a neat gal. She is from Atauro island going to school at the university in Dili.

It is not really a western hangout, but my mate Sven likes to stop in there and say hello from time to time when he is making the rounds.

He is kind of a character and seems to know all the back roads in Dili.

The nightlife scene in Dili is non-existent at this time because there are still security issues.

fanlee_008.jpgIt is pretty quiet most of the time but once in a while gangs will pelt passing vehicles with rocks.

For the most part though it can get kind of boring.

Fan Lee Bar

Colmera – East Timor

Nov 25, 2006

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  1. Please you give to me, number phone/mobile from the FAN LEE BAR.

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