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oct24_024Mixed bag

All kinds of fish are for sale along the beach in Dili first thing in the morning.

Today there were tuna, wahoo, fusilears and a mixed bag of others.

I saw a parrot fish hanging from a tree yesterday (asking price 15.00 US). It gave me a chance to examine the teeth of this coral muncher. They have impressive choppers!

East Timor is a rather expensive place to visit and seafood is not cheap.

helicopter_025 The fusilears are usually priced at a dollar a piece, but if they are smaller the price drops to 50 cents.

These fish swim in big schools and look like the neons that you can find in the fish tanks at Wal Mart.

They have a shimmering blue stripe with red highlights and are often sold at the night markets along the beach at night. They loose most of their color when out of the water except for a reddish tint.

Timorese lobsters are the most extensive item out there ranging from 10 to 15 dollars a piece.

fish_002A vendor was trying to sell 10 for 150 US yesterday but quickly dropped the price to 100 US for the lot. It is strange to arrive into this economy especially if you have just come from Indonesia where you can get a good meal at a warung for 5000 rupiah (night market for 50 cents).

A small tuna was being hawked for 30 US. I had just seen one around the same size in Flores go for 3 dollars.

It is kind of a runaway economy here in East Timor but with many of the NGO and UN personal making a very high wage it creates a false economy.

Foreign aid is a very big business that I don’t really understand because it seems to me that very little actually trickles down to the local people.

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East Timor

Oct 29, 2006

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