New Look in Dili

palace_020.jpgpalace_022.jpgNew look in Dili

Construction crews are pouring concrete on the palace grounds giving the place a sharp new look.

The area along the beach has already been completed with picnic tables in the shade and off street parking giving the beachfront a park like feel.

Dr. Ramos- Horta wants the grounds to be a peaceful place with lighting, gardens, and tables and chairs so everyone can relax and enjoy the place.

palace_006.jpg Dili really does have an incredible setting right on the bay looking out towards Atauro Island.

If you get up early in the morning and walk along the beach it is so peaceful that it is hard to understand all the violence that happened here over the past decade.


The new improved look might give the people a reason to be more proud of their city and spend less energy on tearing things up.

Here is a picture I took in June 2006 next to one taken yesterday in the same location.

Dili – East Timor

Nov 29, 2006

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