Peace Brother Henry of Dili

thumbs_96e9c_oct24_005Henry Koby of Dili, East Timor

Henry made the world a better place for a lot of people.

He helped many Timorese through some difficult times

…and he was able to make money at the same time!

thumbs_96e9c_atauro_202Think about it – a budget Backpackers Guesthouse for penny pinching travelers in Dili? It just didn’t make sense, but Henry made it work.

…every square inch of his place was put to use.

He even had the staff make shakes from the mangoes that fell  from the massive tree in the patio out back.

thumbs_8735f_palace_001Henry had time for everyone.  No matter how “unimportant” they be – he saw potential in everyone.

thumbs_02780_easttimor_164Henry didn’t try to be on anyone’s A-list.

thumbs_fc024_liliomar_143He wasn’t interested in having an impressive CV and didn’t see any need to try to impress people that did.

Henry  would just see a job that needed to be done and he would tackle it head on.

thumbs_0f931_ritatrip_019He had work to do and couldn’t be bothered.

thumbs_96e9c_copy_of_terrors_014Henry was the only one that the dog  “Boozey” trusted.

Dogs have an extra sense you know.

thumbs_085c3_henry_206That dog had been shot by an ambon (locally made arrow) but Henry brought him to Dr. Dan at the clinic. The good doctor worked his magic and Boozey was back on the run in a few days.

thumbs_085c3_parade_0131During the turmoil in 2006, Henry had people camping out all over his place – on the couches, under tables or where ever they could find a dry place to curl up for the night, (or even a few weeks in some cases).

Locals felt safe at Henry’s place.

thumbs_7436a_east_052It was a dangerous time – for Timorese people especially. There was a violent rift between the people from the eastern and the western part of the country.

thumbs_085c3_dilianz_029Henry almost bought the farm back then when someone took a pot shot at him. He came away with just a scrape and a hole in his t shirt. He didn’t seem to fazed by it and just shrugged the incident off.

thumbs_96e9c_easttimor_115Henry landed up building Rita and the staff 2 air conditioned rooms to stay in because it was simply too dangerous to stay in the neighborhoods where they lived. Houses were getting burnt down every night.

thumbs_96e9c_easttimor_022Henry’s backpacker’s place never closed down, even for one day.

Through it all Henry was there.


you are going to be missed!






thumbs_8735f_oct24_028…we are all going to miss you big time mate

Henry of Dili

dutchpickle logo… gonna miss you Henry!

Sep 16, 2009

2 responses to “Peace Brother Henry of Dili”

  1. He is missed……every day!

  2. look like you have very interesting history that will never ending,waohhhh I´m just reading all this message,make me feel and thanks for hellping alot of this people that have dificulty in there life,I wish I could be there to help them like you.peace

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