The Shores of Dili

oct24_033.jpgDili beachfront

Dili waterfront

The city of Dili is set on a magnificant bay. There is always something going on along the shore from football matches and concerts to fishermen selling their catch.

It is hard to understand how there can be so much conflict in such a beautiful setting. It just doesn’t seem right.

The coolest thing was seeing a small dingy coming ashore from a sailboat moored a ways off the beach this morning. A guy wearing a floppy hat and his lady with a brightly colored umbrella were on board.

oct24_028.jpgThese people were real adventurers and had just sailed in against the wind from Maumere in Flores.

It took 6 days because their engine was down and they had to tack back and forth into the wind fighting a heavy current for a day or two and landed up loosing any headway that they had made.

The lady had been ill with what seemed to be the symptoms of dengue fever so the Indonesian immigration allowed them to stay a while in Maumere until she recovered some of her strength.

Meeting people like them are what makes East Timor such a cool place. I just love this place!

East Timor

Oct 23, 2006

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