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venture_057.jpgVenture Hotel – Dili – East Timor

The Venture Hotel is on the road behind Lita’s supermarket on Rua Filomena De Camara (there are no street signs in Dili) in the area of town known as Bidau Lecidere.

It’s in a quiet location one street off the beach road underneath some big trees providing cool shade and a nice atmosphere.The bar is roomy and comfortable and the restaraunt serves good food.

Nene, the manager, throws a killer all you can eat bbq every Thurs nite. It is the best value in Dili.

venture_049.jpgThere is a tv in the lounge and some comfortable couches and chairs.

Most of the rooms are modified containers.

The singles and doubles have shared bathrooms.

The ensuite rooms have their own bath. There is a pool and jacuzzi with a wood deck and lawn chairs to relax on.

venture_072.jpgA big exercise area is available up the stairs. They have some weight machines and barbells for fitness freaks.

The bar is down stairs for those that prefer to do their repetitions with bottles of beer.

They offer different packages depending on the length of stay. Laundry service and breakfast are included in some of the deals.

Venture Hotel – Dili
The basic one night in USD:
single 20.00
twin room 26.00
ensuite 30.00
dormitory 8.00

venture_069.jpg venture_067.jpg
venture_032.jpg venture_029.jpg
venture_005.jpg venture_009.jpg

venture_001.jpgVenture Hotel

There are a number of packages available for 1-3 month stays for those with contracts in East Timor.

Telephone (670) 331 3276
Fax (670) 331 3272

email Venture_hotel @

Venture Hotel – Dili – East Timor

Dec 2006 Update – The Venture now has a killer all you can eat bbq buffet for 6.00 every Thursday night. It is highly recommended by the pickle and is the best value in Dili.

miss you Henry

Aug 4, 2006

18 responses to “Venture Hotel”

  1. Thinking of bringing 10 school children and 5 adults to Timor in June would need accomadition on Sat 25th and july 3rd for 1 night each date could i please have a price for 5 single rooms and 5 rooms with 2 beds in each.
    Kind regards.
    Colin Pearson.

  2. Greetings
    My wife and I have stayed at the Venture last yesr.
    Would you have room availalbe preferably one room double or two singles.

    Arrvie May 13
    Depart May 15

    Arrive May 23
    Depart May 26

    Please provide costs.

    WE enjoyed our previous stay.
    Peter Cannon

  3. Please reserve a double room from April 1st for 3 nights. Quiet room with en suite bathroom.
    Please reply to:

    Mr.Paul Rixon ;

  4. Hi, I just came across your website and noticed your request for an updated comment. I stayed at the Venture last August(2009) prior to and after the Tour de Timor mountain bike race,and the Independence Day celebrations. I was in the country looking for alternative places to paraglide for the Oz winter. The Venture hasn’t changed any judging by your photos. All up I stayed there for two weeks. Even senior UN police stayed there.Clean,safe and with a pleasant ambiance is how i would describe the hotel. The first time that i visited East Timor was in late 1970,It had a great deal more ambiance then when the esplanade had massive banyan trees on both sides of the road with interlocking branches. I would like to remind visitors that this is a country under reconstruction and that patience is often required when dealing with a damaged community. This is not Bali. The Timorese people need a lot of help, they are a warm, friendly and undemanding people. Please feel free to contact me if you have any other enquiries. Regards Tony. PS the town center is a 15 minute walk to the west from the hotel.

  5. I have stayed at the Venture last yesr.
    Would you have a room available? Preferably one double room?
    Planning to stay in Timor for 1-3 months for work.

    Arriving Timor between the 5-9th of April.

    Please provide costs.

    Enjoyed my previous stay there.


  6. De regresso a Timor, gostaria de voltar ao Venture e fazer reserva uma pessoa por um mês a partir de 02 ABRIL.
    Agradecia que me informassem do preço de estada sem pequeno almoço.

    Um abraço

    Rui Correia

    00 351 969901698
    lifau @

  7. Hi there Jenny Pa to Kirsty Sword Gusmao has booked me from 19th July. I am facilitating a learn to swim program for the children of East Timor and I am totally on a budget, contrary to the article press statement!!!

    Would you be able to offer me a reduced rate? I would very much appreciate it. And I am happy to teach your staff or relatives swimming if you like.

    Best Regards

    Meg Fisk

    Water Babies Swim School

  8. Yes I thought this was the direct contact. Would you have their direct email??

  9. Hi Guys,

    I stayed here in February 2010. And whilst the place was pleasant enough, I had $US200 and $AUS150 stolen from room. I know, my own fault for leaving it there! But, the worst thing was that I only discovered it 1 hour before I left the hotel and East Timor. I reported it to staff at the front desk but they professed to not understand me and I was unable to file a Police Report or really take the matter any further. I called the manager numerous time and have emailed many times, but no one has ever got back to me. Stay here at your own risk! And never, ever be dumb like me and leave money or valuables in your room!

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