Alkatiri goes


Alkatiri has indicated that he intends to resign.

The crowds at the palace and throughout Dili were celebrating in the streets.

There was supposed to be a rally at the airport that did not amount to much.

Most of the protesters stayed in town.

bridge_028.jpgThe people in the refugee camps watched from a distance rather than gather around the speakers.

At the bridge the Australians controlled the side closest to town and the Malaysians were on the other side.

Everyone waited patiently until they let us across.

Most people were probably worn down from the events of the last 4 days.

bridge_017.jpgIt was emotionally exhausting and people were running on adrenelin.

IT is kind of the same feeling I used to get after 3 days at an outdoor concert.

At peace but exhausted.

I did not notice any protesters bringing food with them so they must have been pretty hungry by now having camped out in the capitol for several days.

bridge_006.jpgIt looks like Alkatiri has finally agreed to step down but there are some political details to be worked out yet.

In this picture the traffic on the Comoro bridge is jammed.

The Australians had access blocked for a while while they assessing what was going on.

bridge_002.jpgA mob was heading down to the airport for a rally there and the military just wanted to keep everything under control.


Jun 26, 2006

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