Bomberos – Firefighters 2006

night2_023.jpg Night fires

The bomberos were on the job last night putting out a fire that some trouble makers got going around 10pm.

The situation seems calm in Dili but there are a few troublemakers trying to stir things up.

The big demonstration a few days ago was peaceful and orderly.

Great thanks to the Australian military who did an outstanding job on defusing the situation. Hats off to these guys.

night2_022.jpgThe feuds here go back to 1975 where families and political groups have developed a deep hostility against each other.

Some probably go back further than that.

It is difficult for a westerner to understand the subtle and not so subtle anger that is below the surface that rises to the top at times.

There are the gangs as well that take advantage of any lapse of security to wreck havoc on the town and their rivals. It is possible that some of them are fueled by methamphetamines which spells trouble in any part of the world.

Tourists and foreigners do not seem to have any animosity directed against them and there aren’t any parts of town that feel unsafe to me.

Even the rallys are quite a rush with the music and the dancing.

Dili 2006

Jun 23, 2006

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