Dili Protesters June 23


day2_003.jpgMany of the protesters from last night are now assembled along the waterfront in front of the parliament building and under the banyan trees across from the big pink building.

Small caravans of vehicles are driving around town chanting Go Alkatiri, Go Alkatiri.

day2_015.jpgThey are trying to say “go away” , “leave” , “resign” , “step down”.

It comes of rather odd as if they are trying to cheer him on as if at a sporting event.

I am not really sure what is happening and it doesn’t seem like anyone else does either.

It is most fortunate that there are Australian soldiers keeping close tabs on everything.

day2_013.jpgThere is a lot of frustration but the energy is high and the teens are fired up.

This is the biggest party around and they are having a good time.

Along the alleys there are empty water bottles strewn all over the place.

It might not be the first thing to come to mind but water is essential especially in this heat.

day2_001.jpgThere is a big vacuum politically as no one seems to be in charge at the moment.

I am not savvy enough to have an opinion.

The Tiger gas station was open this morning.

I had to fill up because I was on reserve last night after following along in the parades.

Their management usually has their ear to the ground and close up shop when they hear that is trouble brewing.

day2_014.jpgThere is a large steel gate on wheels that they slide shut when things are looking dicey.

Weather or not Tiger Fuel is open can be an indicator of how things are at the moment.

Dili 2006

Jun 22, 2006 www.dutchpickle.com

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