Hook Darts in Dili

hookdart_001Hook darts

Hook darts are a common weapon used in Dili in the gang fighting. The good doctors Killian and Matteausz have an arrow removal service at the clinic when they are not delivering babies and diagnosing malaria and tuberculosis.

This is one that the good doctor Matteausz removed from a patients shoulder in Dr. Dan’s clinic in Bairro Pite’.

The clinic is a free service run on donations. The locals trust the Dr. Dan and prefer not to go to the main hospital in Dili unless there is no other option.

atauro_206.jpgHe also removed one from another patient that had one in his leg just missing the femoral artery.

Henry’s dog got shot with one as well a few months ago as well. Some people eat dog here and maybe they were trying to bring home dinner. Dr. Dan fixed up the dog and he is as good as new. He was lucky because a bit lower and it would have got him in the heart.

These hook darts are basically a flattened out nail with plastic tail feathers and a notch where you can hook it into a rubber band slingshot and away it goes.

They can be quite deadly especially at close range.

atauro_204.jpgOn the way to the internet cafe we noticed gangs organizing by the refugee camp across the street from the Hotel Timor so we had to take a roundabout way to Timor telecom. Sometimes you can end up with a rock through the windscreen if you don’t detour.

The struggle for power is going to be continuing for a while in Dili it appears.

It is unfortunate that all that destructive energy can’t be channeled in a different direction because there is so much potential here.

hook darts – gang weapons

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