Arte Moris

artemoris_022.jpgArte Moris – Dili, East Timor

Arte Moris is a non-profit art school just past the Comoro bridge heading out towards the airport.

It has a number of refugees living on the grounds now and there are 5 soldiers with rifles guarding the entrance but visitors are welcome to have a look. (July 2006)

There was a lot of destruction during the riots when the entire Comoro market on the other side of the river was burned to the ground.

bridge_006.jpg The school became a camp for those who lost their homes and shops so the art classes were put on hold for a while.

Luca, the schools administrator, mentioned that they were down to 180 refugees from a high of 500 camping out on the grounds.

He is mostly concerned with distributing relief supplies until things settle down.

There are a lot of kids running around the grounds but there are still small art classes going on.

artemoris2_015 As things smooth out they hope to get back on a regular schedule. This school is really worth a visit and could use your support.

These guys made most of the banners that are hanging up around Dili trying to promote a positive vibe. They have a lot of interesting paintings on display that are for sale. The Hotel Timor exhibits a few in the hall way outside the gift shop too.

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Tel (670) 723 3507

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arte moris 2006

Jul 30, 2006

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