Bali Sunrise

easttimor2_071.jpgBali Sunrise Restaurant

Buffets in Dili – For a good 4.00 buffet stop in at the Bali Sunrise. They plan to move behind the parliment building on Rua Formosa in June.

It is a shame that they have to move because it was located across the road from the beach with a stunning view of the bay.

I heard that the Chinese embassy is going to be built on that land now.

easttimor3_030.jpg The new place will be called the Terrace Cafe. They should pick up a lot of foot traffic from the offices and government buildings in the neighborhood. Their lunch buffet is one of the best values in Dili.

The owner really puts a lot of work into restaurant and puts out some really good food. The Japanese menu is especially good.

I wish him good luck at the new location.

may 2006 – Update: Terrace Cafe

venture_106.jpg The Terrace Cafe’s new location behind the Palacio de Governo looks like it is going to take off.

The furniture from the former Bali Sunrise has all been moved over to the new cafe. It is a bit of overkill for the smaller Terrace Cafe because there is not as much space but it is quite comfortable.

It would be impossible to match the former location because it was a spacious restaurant on the second level overlooking the sea.

venture_107.jpgThe Dili club used to be alongside them as well but they were both relocated to make way for the new Chinese embassy. It is unfortunate but most of the prime land along the beach has been used for embassies.

The Terrace Cafe has rigged up a big awning that gives you a nice shady place to eat if you like to eat outside.

Inside it is a little dark but they will get everything sorted out in time.

The food is still quite good and a good value for around 4.00 for lunch with a drink.

Dili – East Timor 2006

Jun 3, 2006

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