Dili and Internet Cafes

easttimor2_051.jpgDili – General info

Dili is set on a beautiful sandy bay that stretches out to Cape Fatucama where the statue of Jesus is.

There is a harbor downtown where cargo boats from Australia unload and where the ferry to Atauro Island and Oecussi takes off.

Cannons aimed out to sea near the big banyan trees downtown protect the people from pirates.

easttimor2_048.jpg Piles of coconuts are are ready to be trimmed and opened for passers by. The fish and crabs hanging from the trees are for sale.

It is common for people to shop from their cars without getting out.

The jumble of one way streets in Dili that takes some getting used to. During the unrest the one way didn’t apply and traffic seemed to flow more smoothly.

easttimor2_040.jpg Bemos and taxis and guys selling phone cards are everywhere. They can’t believe a white guy doesn’t have a phone.

There are at least 5 internet cafes but the Chinese owned one across from the ANZ bank down the road from peace corps headquarters is probably the fastest.

Around dinner time all the internet slows down because more people are online.

easttimor2_070.jpgThis one is air conditioned, they play relaxing music and give you water when you sit down. It is on Antonio De Carvalmo. They charge 5.00 dollars an hour and they have about 16 computers.

Another good one is just down the street on the same side of the road.

For 4 dollars an hour there’s another one called Global on Rua Jacinto Candido.

bridge_017.jpg They have 4 newer computers and it is supposed to be reasonably fast but I only used it once and it was a a bit slow. A lot of the Australian soldiers use this one.

Once one of the Aussies had a machine gun on the floor alongside the computer. It was kind of cool.

Near the Backpackers Guest House is one on the roundabout called Internet Bar. They have 3 computers, 5.00 an hour but can be very very slow. This is an ok place to grab a beer but a lousy place to use the internet. Their computers seem to be full of viruses and are absolute crap.

k57_004.jpg The one behind the Timor Post is a nightmare and takes about 45 minutes per email but costs 1 dollar an hour. It’s a local favorite. This place is a complete disaster.

The Hotel Dili has broadband in their rooms but the rooms are a bit pricey for backpackers. They have rooms as low as 25.00 per nite and there is a charge of 6.00 if you want internet connected.

It is supposed to be pretty good and the owner is planning on putting in a few stations for internet use only.

parade_030.jpg Update dec 2007 – Timor Telecom has lowered rates to 2 dollars an hour.

One of their offices is next to the post office and they plan to open an internet cafe in the Landmark Supermarket Plaza.

This is really a good development!

jan 2007 update – Tiger Fuel in Mandarin has added an internet cafe

Dili – East Timor 2006

Jun 3, 2006 www.dutchpickle.com

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