Dili Guesthouse

easttimor_100.jpgBudget Guesthouse in Dili

The Dili Guesthouse is the cheapest place for backpackers to stay in Dili. (5.00 a night)

It’s near the stadium on the other side of the roundabout.

Most hotels in Dili cater to the NGO’s, Media, and United Nations people and go for 35.00 to 200.00 USD a night. The Backpackers Guest House and Dili Guest House are the budget places.

East Timor is not a cheap place to travel but you can do it ecomomicaly if you eat from the local stands and get produce from the market and use local transport.

easttimor_103.jpgA lot of vegetable vendors set up just across the street from the Dili Guest House (may 2006). It is in a central location with a lot of hustle and bustle and plenty of bemos to catch nearby.

The rooms themselves are very simple and plain but some of backpackers stay there to make their money last longer.

Indonesia is such a budget place to travel that the costs in East Timor are a bit shocking at first. If you do not eat at the restaurants you can save quite a bit.

There are vendors along the beach that sell ayam bakar (chicken) 4 pieces for a dollar and ikan bakar (fish) 2 for a dollar. Big ones are 1.00 ea. Tiger beer is 1.50 and they sell roasted corn also.

easttimor_097.jpgThe problem is right now (May-June 2006) there is a lot of instability in East Timor so most vendors are not setting up their food stands.

Hopefully things will iron out soon and they will be back out there again along the beach.

Most people here speak Indonesian but they usually prefer Tetum, a local language. Some speak Portugese but English is not widely spoken outside of Dili.

The US dollar is the common currency. The coins are Timorese. Nothing usually costs less than 25 cents. A coconut is 50 cents. Taxis start at a dollar in town, but the microlets are 10 cents a ride along established routes. Transport to the other towns is usually a good deal on the buses – 3.00 to Maliana, 4.50 to Los Palos.

East Timor 2006

Jun 3, 2006 www.dutchpickle.com

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