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Update 19 dec 2006 – Timor Telecom has lowered the internet rates to 2.00 an hour. They are also in the process of putting in a new internet cafe in the Landmark supermarket office. The Timor Telecom near the post office has 5 computers and the connections for 2 laptops.

Internet cafes are relatively expensive in Dili with the costs ranging from 1.00 to 6.00 per hour. One of the faster ones is across the street from the ANZ bank. They raised the price to 6.00 an hour recently to help cover the cost of running their generator because city power has been erratic lately.

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Another good internet cafe is just down the street on the same side of the road past the City Cafe. They also charge 6.00 an hour but only 5.00 if you are using your own laptop.

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Global Internet is run by a friendly Timorese. Their service is 4.00 an hour and a bit slower but ok for email. It was a favorite for Aussie soldiers who would bring in their gear with them including machine guns on tripods.

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The Internet Bar has a pretty slow system that seems to be loaded up with viruses. This place has really gone downhill but I stop there from time to time to get a cold beer. It’s just a short walk from the Backpackers Guest House. When Sven owned this bar it was first rate and always packed.


The one behind the Timor Post is incredibly slow. The charge is 1.00 an hour. Give this one a pass.

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Dili internet 2006

Aug 19, 2006

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