Landmark Plaza – Merpati

k57_055.jpgLandmark Plaza – Merpati Airlines Office
On the way out of town towards the airport you pass the Landmark Plaza. The Merpati Airlines office and the Landmark Supermarket are inside this complex.

Next door is a hardware store and then a petrol station.

Many structures past the gas station has been burned down during the past 2 months. Shops and homes near the Comoro bridge have been destroyed. The popular Comoro market alongside the river there has been burned to the ground as well.

The Toyota dealership is still in good shape but I didn’t see any vehicles in the compound. The Dili Club looks ok and they are still delivering pizzas.

k57_056.jpgMany of the people from the eastern part of the country have been burned out and are living in refugee camps some right in downtown Dili. There is a yellow tarp tent city across from the ferry office and bunch of the white tents on the grounds at the Catholic church.

If you need to get an airline ticket I think the only flight possibilities are Air North and Merpati. You can get the Merpati tickets or confirm your flights at the office there. The flights are usually quite full. It is around 300 USD return from Dili to Denpasar. Air North flies to Darwin.

Nov 2006 update – I think the fare is around 201.00 one way to Denpasar now. With a 10.00 tax it comes to 211.00.

Dili – East Timor 2006

Jul 7, 2006

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