Leader Supermarket

venture_080.jpgLeaders Supermarket

Leaders Supermarket is near the Comoro bridge on the other side of the street from Landmark Supermarket.

Here is Rita, the manager of the Backpackers checking out the oranges at Leaders Supermarket near the Comoro Bridge in Dili.

There is a big frozen food section with frozen fish, chickens, and other meats.

venture_083.jpgIt would be ridiculous to buy fish there because there are fish vendors all along the beach selling fresh fish caught that day.

In the evenings the fish and chicken are grilled and sold from food stalls along the road. When the vendors are not set up you know trouble is brewing

Frozen chickens from Brazil are available at Leaders and Litas which are owned by the same family. “Hello Mister”, is said to have been the busiest supermarket until it got ransacked and burned during the last round of violence.

venture_077.jpgA lot of stuff seems to get burned down around town in Dili. So many buildings are destroyed and it is difficult to know from which round of violence they are a result of.

Leaders does a brisk business with the Australian soldiers and NGO people. There is a upper level that has furniture, bicycles and other stuff for the house.

Fans and electrical adapters are available.

venture_082.jpgA fairly large market has sprung up along the beach road where it turns near the Pertamina pier.

I think many of these vendors might have been former Comoro marketers

Chilis, papayas, oranges, potatoes, greens, carrots, onions, garlic, tomatoes, cabbages, mangos, fish and chickens can be picked up there.

I get as much as possible from this market because the food is fresh and cheap and it helps out the small businessman and farmer.

Dili – East Timor – 2006

Aug 6, 2006 www.dutchpickle.com

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  1. sir: i am a filipina…im wiling to apply your supermarket…i want to send my application letter,my hand phone number:+639284380834.thank you

  2. I’m from Gardenia barkery in Singapore and interested to know does your Supermarket import any frozen Gardenia products from Singapore. Thank you.

  3. Hello! Im a Chicken producer from Philippines, may I know if your interested to buy? I know your chicken come from Brazil, and this is too from from your country. Let me know if your interested. Thank you.

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