dilianz_005.jpgDili – Banks and money

There is an ANZ bank in Dili that changes American Express travelers checks for a fee.

If you are using a taxi just tell the driver ANZ and he will get you there.

It doesn’t seem that anyone uses street names and there are no signs to get you oriented anyway.

Dili is not a big city so after a few days you will have the layout figured out.

night2_029.jpgA Western Union office is on the other end of town and is handy for money transfers.

In East Timor the US dollar is used. The bills get pretty mangy after a while because they are never pulled out of circulation.

Some are downright disgusting, especially the 1 dollar bills that really make the rounds as taxi fare, street vendor buys, and everything else.

US coins are ok to use but the East Timorese have their own coins that are more commonly used. It takes some getting used to.

Ifnight2_030.jpg you are coming across the border at Atambua (West Timor) there are money changers there that are not too bad if you are in a pinch.

The rupiah is sought after there at the border because many of the cigaretts, beer and other necessities are brought in from Indonesia.

The DHL office is around the corner from Western Union.

Right now the land border with East and West Timor is closed.

No one is too finicky about the condition of the bills in East Timor which is in stark contrast to Indonesia where the notes must be in superb condition or they will not be accepted.

Dili – East Timor 2006

Jun 23, 2006

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