Maubisse – Sara’s Guesthouse

maliana_114.jpgThe Sara Restaurant and Loseman

Sara’s restaurant at the fork in the road in Maubisse has a very nice loseman on the hill behind the restaurant.

It is 10.00 a night with private bath. They do no advertising so if you can’t find it ask at the market. Someone will guide you.

They supply 2 thick blankets that you will need at night up there in the hills. It gets cold.

maliana_089.jpgThe view is outstanding.

There is a large common room and 2 private rooms. Obviously there is no internet booking or anything like that.

There is supposed to be another loseman in town as well but I didn’t get a chance to check it out.

Sara’s give you a nice breakfast in the morning included in the price.

maliana_028.jpgYou can walk the short distance to the market and get bread and oranges or other snacks.

There is a steep trail right behind the restaurant out back up the hill to the guesthouse (loseman) or you can walk up the road 100 meters and cut back on a dirt road that is not as steep.

In the dark the dirt road would be a better choice. (Less chance of falling down the hill. It is steep.)

maliana_007.jpgIf you are driving the dirt road is the only choice. There is plenty of room at the top of the hill for parking a motorbike or a car.

It is safe up there too. Maubisse is a great town.

The water in the mandi is refreshingly cold. It takes your breath away.

I prefer to shower in the morning when it gets that cold.

maliana_172.jpgHot water is not an option in Maubisse, except for coffee or tea.

The coffee is grown in the hills near town and is dried on tarps in the sun. East Timor coffee is outstanding! Starbucks handles it too.

Maubisse reminds me of Chiapas in the mountains of southern Mexico with the farmers comming to market with their horses carrying the goods to sell.

maliana_173.jpgMost of these guys wear the traditional clothing and western style cowboy hats.

Some of the local men and boys are carrying prize roosters.

It gets very windy and dusty.

The generator is only run in the late afternoon to early evening.

maliana_116.jpgIt is a good idea to to have a torch or a candle or even a lighter in case you have to get up in the night to use the bathroom.

Even though it is cold there are plenty of mosquitoes.

Maubisse – East Timor

Aug 3, 2006

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