Pousada de Maubisse

hatobulico_027Pousada de Maubisse

The Pousada is perched on a lookout just off the main road near the bend in Maubisse.

The weekend rates are around 50 US dollars a night but drop dramatically during the week down to around 16 US a night.

For large groups this would be the best option because the other place, Sara’s isn’t really set up for that.

hatobulico_032If you only need one room Sara’s has a more family atmosphere and the owners are very friendly.

The Pousada has a big common room with a fireplace. I think breakfast is included with the price but it would be best to call ahead to get updated info and to be sure that they have rooms available for the nights you want to stay.

Sorry, I lost the number but if anyone cares to send it to me either via the forum or to dutchpickle @ hotmail. com it would be appreciated.

hatobulico_038This would be a good place to spend the night if you are on the way to Hatobuilico to climb the 2,960 meter Mt. Ramailau (also spelled Ramelau).

There is a pousada in Hatobuilico but there wasn’t anyone there when I went to inquire but it looks like a well kept place.

I stopped in there on Nov 2 which was a big traditional ceremonial day to honor one’s ancestors and visit the gravesites of their parents so they might have been out for that reason.

Don’t forget to bring a jacket because it gets cold up there at night!

Maubisse – East Timor

Nov 5, 2006 www.dutchpickle.com

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  1. i am from maubisse and now i am in U.K.working! i would like to help anyone who planning to go to maubisse( east timor) i am born there,g.up there, and hope to show the best part of maubisse,thanks

  2. wee r planning a trip to maubisse ( a group of five) if anyone to join the group please contact julio lopez ( 07794712212 )or send yours letters to mr j:lo adre ss: 64a high st,thrapston,kett.U.K. P.S. THE TRIP will be in december this year from 15/12/09 until 02/01/10

  3. maubisse is my home but i was studying in dili

  4. Hi,
    I spent a night in Maubisse in August, just after my 63rd birthday. To those of you who were born there my compliments!! It’s a beautiful wonderful place (and it’s not easy to find scenery to impress an Irish visitor). We stayed in The Pousada. Its clser to 70usd a night but we were happy topay. The market in Maubisse was one of our great experiences in Timor Leste (along with grilled fish, chicken and corn on the beach on Friday night Aug 7th in Dili). If you have a chance go visit Timor Leste before all the tourists arrive. And when you’re there visit Maubisse.

  5. Hi, I am a 30 year old graduate teacher really interested in going to Maubisse as my hometown of Bendigo in Victoria has a Bendigo – Maubisse Friendship Community relationship with the town. If anyone knows of contacts in the area for volunteer teaching opportunities(English, geography, tourism, biology etc.)could you let me know.I plan to go in November 2009 for three months.Thanks.

  6. 28 October 2009
    All of you who have been to Maubisse have one thing in common to say; it’s a wonderful place. I stay with a local family who is selling me land there to build on when I retire in a few years. The coffee is the best in Timor-Leste as are the vegetables grown there at such cheap prices compared to Dili. The Pousada is not listed as having a phone number in the TL Directory or in the 200 page Tourism Directory. My bosses’ grandfather planted the roses at he Pousada which are very old and in need of pruning attention.

    Hoping I have enough life left to do my bit when I get there permanently

  7. Hi Ben,

    I’m Dave who posted a note above. If yo want to call me, my number is
    +670 7413672
    I may be able to put you on to people who need volunteers teachers as there are some 12,000 needed still in TL. I’m an AVI completing my 18 months in Dili and not returning to Australia but heading to Maubisse after a bit of English teaching at Foreign Affairs


  8. Exmº. Senhor Director
    Cumpri serviço militar em Maubisse de 1970/1972 e ainda ajudei na recuperação da pousada. Adoro Timor. Caso lhe seja possível agradecia o envio de fotografias de Maubisse actual.
    Um grade abraço
    Julio Caleça

  9. maubisse is my home town… i really really love this place… but now i live in atambua n study in kupang Indonesia… i was stay here since 1999… i have a big family there, the owner of Bensa Au Ama guest house…. please enjoy these place… it is more comfortable…. see u… this is my number… +6285237893658…

  10. Maubisse is best place to visit during hot summer in dili , only problem is there is no advance booking to hotel , if any one have infornation about any guest house or contact no for Pousuda hotel in maubisse please tell , I am travelling to Dili and surely get some contact inforamtion for other people who visit there .
    I am travelling to Maunisse this friday . I hope it will be good trip

  11. Hello all

    How and “where” on the net can I get in contact with PPousada de Maubisse?

    BR Hans Jacob

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