Bubu fish traps

petite_088.jpgBamboo fish traps of Alor.

The bubu fish traps, woven of bamboo and rattan, are set in the corals in waters around 5 meters deep.

The fishermen do not use lines and buoys but just remember where they dropped them in and swim down to retrieve them after 3 days.

A small door in the side of the trap is opened and the fish pulled out.

petite_085.jpgIt is an effective method for catching dinner in these islands around Alor.

A lot of water is squeezing between these islands so a stiff current is always encountered when the tides are changing especially during a full moon.

A few dive shops operate in this area but arrangements have to be made in advance.

It is quite a bit more expensive than the dive ghettos of Thailand or the Philippines where there is a huge clientele coming and going every week therefore bringing down the costs.

petite_086.jpgIn the waters around Alor it takes a bit of work and planning.

The volume principle simply does not apply.

There are very few tourists or divers so it would not pay to keep a shop open all the time.

To just drop in and expect to dive would not be a good idea because there might not be anyone there to take you out.

petite_075.jpgIf you are experienced and have your own gear and a portable compressor it would be possible to charter a local boat and go out for as many days or weeks as you liked.

A few bule like to snorkel around the different islands but keep in mind that the currents at times will not be able to be overcome.

You will have to work with the boatman to be sure that you are on the same page.

Bubu bamboo fish traps


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