Hotel Adi Dharma Alor

adidharmastaff_001.jpgHotel Adi Dharma – Alor Indonesia – Kalabahi

Located just a short walk from the ferry terminal in Kalabahi. Economy rooms start at 40,000. VIP rooms start at 72,500 with air con.

I like this place because there is a large covered area that is great to hide out in during the rainy season. You have a good view of the harbor where the Pelni ship arrives and it is just a short walk to the night market where good food is available in the evenings.

adidharmastaff_003.jpg Bemo rides are 2000 and ojek (motorbike) rides are usually around 3000 rupiah around town.

There are benches outside each room where you can sit and enjoy coffee or tea with your neighbors.

For backpackers arriving or leaving by boat this is the best place. If you are diving with Alor Dive the Pelangi might be more convenient as it is on the same street.

There is a tour guide that swoops in when he sees new tourists in town but it is a lot cheaper to get around with local ojeks and bemos.

Hotel Adi Dharma



Hotel Adi Dharma

Sep 23, 2007

4 responses to “Hotel Adi Dharma Alor”

  1. Dear all;

    I once was in a hotel near the harbour(where ferry stops=different opart from where it comes.The hotel was onwed by one of the raja dynasties of Alor area on Alor island:the Nampira’s.Do you know the name of it.

    Salam hormat:
    DP Tick

  2. Dear all;

    The hotel owned by one of the 2 raja dynasties of the Alor area on the island of Alor is Hotel Melati.Jalan Dr. Soetomo no. 1 in Kalabahi.Near the arrives port of the ferry.
    Tel.:0380-21073.The manager of the hotel is the younger brother of the dynasty chief,who lives nearby. Like some other dynasty members.
    The hotel is good with a good view.
    Visit the local shopping street.That street near the pasar has an eating place,who owns also a mobile es campur thuing/car.
    Owned by Javanese.They make one of the best es campur I have ever eaten in my life.
    I also exprerinced the gong before.
    Very nice to hear it.

    Salam hormat:
    DP Tick

  3. In my opinion, the Hotel Melati is the best value for money you can get in Kalabahi.

    Jl. Dr. Soetomo No. 01, Kalabahi, Alor, NTT, Indonesia; +6238621073

    All rooms have air conditioning or fan. The Melati is close to the harbour and to the “Reklamasi” area of warungs/restaurants. There are two Internet caf├ęs within walking distance.
    See photos of the Melati on


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