L’Petite Kepa Alor

pantar_010Diving in Alor

Alor is reputed to be a great place to dive. The information I have here is very limited but if anyone cares to add please write to the forum and I will cut and paste the information at the end of this story. Dive shop advertisement welcome as well.

Across the channel from Alor Kecil on Alor is a small French dive shop on the shores of Pulau Kepa.

I got these phone numbers from Andre, a French guy that often stays on Alor.
Cedric – L’Petite Kepa 081 353 709 719
caretaker Muksim – Kepa Kecil 085 239 458 944

dsc05731This is a peaceful little resort with Alor style bungalows along the shore. I took a small canoe across for 10,000 rupiah and spent the night.

There is coral all the way around the small island but no sandy beaches. The current is swift especially in the channel between Alor and Kepa.

It costs 75,000 rupiah a day including your meals. They have a solar powered battery system so there is light at night.

Be sure to call in advance and make a reservation because there is not always diving staff at hand but the bungalos are always open for visitors.


There was a list of diving rates on the wall

2 dives 60 euro 50 euro with your own equipment
6 dives over 3 days 170 euro and 140 euro with your own equipment
12 dives over 6 days 320 euro and 260 euro with your own equipment

They dive according to the currents and you have the choice of static or drift dives.


This is a cool place to chill if you have some friends with but it is rather isolated if you are traveling by yourself. Alor Kecil just across the channel is just a 20 minute ojek or motorbike ride from Kalabahi if you want to get to the big city for a bit.

If anyone wants to add any information about the diving in Alor please reply to the forum and I will cut and paste it here.

There is the Dive Alor shop based in Kalabahi and another French dive resort on the island of Pantar. Based on all the dolphins I saw and the stiff currents I imagine it would be a fantastic place to dive.

I hope to return later and give it a go but my Indonesian visa is running out so I plan to head up to the Philippines for a while.

Thanks to Andre for some of the photos.

L’Petite Kepa

Scuba Diving Alor

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