Lavalon guesthouse – Kupang

easttimor2_073Backpacker guesthouse in Kupang

The Lavalon guesthouse is located near the Danamon bank on Jalan Sumatera, a quiet residential side street.  Ony Meda, the manager, is a helpful man and speaks good English.

He is able to assist or guide visitors on tours to Roti and West Timor or even Alor and Flores. He is a good hearted guy and honest.

Rooms are 30,000 – 40,000 rupiah a nite.  Rooms 2 and 3 seem to be the nicest.

Teasttimor2_080.jpghere is tea or coffee and bread in the morning.

Ony has to run errands to earn extra money to support his family as the guesthouse is not busy enough to be a sole means of support.

When he is not around I just take a vacant room, grab a shower, take the key and head to town and get with Ony later.

It’s a short walk to the Lavalon bar and Bank Danamon. I have been able to change USD to rupiah at Danamon and they have a atm there as well.  BNI bank is just down the street.

If the banks are not changing money or they have a problem with the serial number or date on your notes you can try changing it at Pitoby Travel, Kuanino, Jl-Jend-Sudirman. They give you a crap rate but if you are in a bind it might be an option.

easttimor2_061.jpg If you are headed to East Timor the people there don’t care what condition the money is in so if you have US currency that is pretty ratty that will be a good place to get rid of it.

The only problem is that when you are spending USD  in East Timor your money seems to go very quickly. East Timor is not a budget destination.

You can also buy or sell dollars at the border. The East Timor visa has to be paid for in US dollars, it is the national currency for now.

Kupang itself is rather spread out and you will need to organize transport to the docks and airport as they are 15 to 20 minutes away.

easttimor2_078There are 2 different boat docks depending on where you are going and what boat. The fast boat and the slow boat to Rote for example leave from different ports.

The ojek, or motorbike drivers, are pretty reasonable if you are not carrying a lot of bags but if you have surf boards or large backpacks you can get a taxi easy enough.

There are not any rumah makan near the guesthouse but when the sun has gone down and it is not too hot it is an easy walk to the bemo center.

There are heaps of food vendors there with really good fresh food for 5000 rupiah.

easttimor2_122 There are some  restaurants with really good food spread out throughout the city, so it helps to have wheels to get around.

Ony rents out the motorbike but I was fortunate enough to borrow one from one of the guys at the Lavalon. (Gary of Kaki Kaki Ayam) Tabalong.

There is also a pretty intensive network of bemos but that takes a few days to figure out.

Timor Travel runs shuttle buses from Dili to Kupang and will pick you up from your place in the morning. At the time of this writing the border is closed. (old post from 2006) I have done that trip 4 or 5 times and the cost was around 20 US dollars.

nikiniki_073.jpgLavalon is a good place to meet ramblers from all over the place.

Two Swiss on a motorbike just wheeled in from Pakistan last time I was there.

(The short guy in the photo is Ony.)

selamat jalan

May 28, 2006

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  1. hi. how are you?

    My name is rama. i was browsing to find infos on alor when i found you. as i might be in kupang around the first week of march for some works and planning to take few days off after (limited only for 5 days to spend tho), i’m wondering if you could give me some infos of places worth (beautiful exotic beaches) to visit. I especially thinking to go to Alor or Rote. As for that, i have few questions. How is the weather for alor in march? are you providing services in transportation or accomodation arrangements? and so, if alor and march weather aren’t perfect match, do you have any other recommendation for other places around kupang?

    i’d appreciate any feedback from you. thanks in advance.



  2. Hello, DP,

    Very useful info on your blog, thanks for sharing. Just wondering if you could give me some suggestions. I will be flying into Kupang and then onto Alor the following morning. Is there any accommodation near the airport you would recommend(as I am arriving at night)? What’s the chance of getting a room in Lavalon without advanced reservation? Is there a way to contact Ony? Many thanks in advance.



  3. Oni,

    Do you remember me? I need your service, please mail me to …

    (I removed email address but sent you an email – robots and spammers use published emails, dp)

  4. my name is binyam tell me maor info bot transportashin 10q

  5. Hi,

    We plan to visit Alor in the next month, and will stop at Kupang for two days. We’d like to stay at Lavalon guesthouse. Do we need to make reservation and how to do? And, how can we get there from airport?


  6. Hi, I want to visit kupang from dili tomorrow for few days and want to stay in lavalon guesthouse. I have one contact number of the guesthouse through which I tried to contact with but nobody picked up receiver. I will be grateful if you can manage a single room/seat from tomorrow 6/11/10. Thanks in advance

  7. Can you please tell me the prices per night at lavalon guest house and susi hotel in kupang. How far are these places to town. I need to visit kupang by the end of july 2012. Thank you.

  8. Hey,
    Great blog here, the best info I can find on Kupang, thanks DP.
    I will be arriving in Kupang this Sat from Dili and want to fly on to Ende, Flores on Sunday. Can I arrive at the airport early on Sunday morning to buy a plane ticket to Ende or should I do this beforehand. The websites dont seem to want to let me do this and the travel agents here in Dili are double the price. I really need to get a flight on Sunday so is it very risky waiting until the airport?
    Cheers is advance for any advice,

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