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nikiniki_044.jpgMaliana Hotel – Kupang

The Maliana is a pleasant little place next to the Susi Hotel and right across the street from the sea.

I like to get up at night and walk across and watch the waves and look at the stars.

It is on Jalan Sumatera No. 35. phone (0380) 821879. You can also call Robert on his hp (hand phone) 0852 39052984 if you need a ride from the airport.

There are heaps of ojek (motorbike taxis) or regular bemo (van taxis) if you have surfboards so organizing transport should be no problem.

nikiniki_014.jpg A lot of travelers stay here on their way over to Nemberala on Rote Island to surf.

The rates are 70,000 without aircon or tv and up to 120,000 with aircon and tv.

The staff set up a viewing area to watch the world cup (football – soccer) for the guests and passers by and the staff. The Indonesians take the games very seriously and bet heavily on the games.

Australia was playing Japan. Japan got off to a good start but then fell behind with a 3 – 1 loss.

nikiniki_068.jpg There are a few other hotels, 2 banks and a bar nearby.
It is not a very long walk to the bemo center if you feel like eating at the warungs there. Good warm food cheap.

Another favorite is the Karang Mas, a good little restaurant near the bemo center, open all day. The warungs are just open at night.

Teddy’s Bar is just a little ways past the bemo center along the beach.

It’s a great place to grab a beer and enjoy a cool offshore breeze.

Kupang – West Timor – Indonesia

Jun 15, 2006

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  1. what about the preice per night in that hotel (Maliana Hotel).

  2. I have been going to the Maliana Hotel on many occasions over the last 4 years and there is no other Hotel in Kupang I would stay at. The room prices are still the same and the friendly staff who will do anything for a guest are still there, even though Robert has moved on. Teddy’s Bar is no longer there but has been changed to “Panti Laut” There is now a makan malam (night food market)just down the road from the Maliana and Susi hotel were the locals close the road off for a couple of hundred meters and set up there food stalls and tables and chairs.
    regards Robert Motzel

  3. Teddys bar is still open as of Sept 2009 but teddy is moving on, and yes Pantai Laut is best bar & Resto by far. Cheap and very tasty. Good people are a big bonus. Talk to Robin owner and he can arrange anything you want within reason.

  4. Lavalon Bar and Hostel Kupang, tel: +628123770533 is an actual backpacker spot, unlike the other cheap hostels in town, with a friendly English speaking staff, who will happily (and accurately) answer any question about flights, buses and ferries, flyers and maps on other hostels in East Nusa Tenggara Provice and East Timor, Free Internet – Free Wif. spirit and cold Beer and is a good place to meet other backpackers with whom you can talk and share information. They have cheap rooms (40,000 rupiah). It seems to be the backpacker pick for Kupang. Also has has quite a good menu including the only western breakfast in town (pancakes, french toast, bacon and eggs, omelette, garlic soup) as well as more typical Indonesian fare (Nasi Goreng, Mie Goreng). info from wikitravel

  5. Dear all,

    My name is Giulia. I will travel with other seven people to Kupang tomorrow and we would like stay in your Hotel, Maliana. Is it possible? Are there 4 double rooms for us?

    Please let me know as soon as possible.

    We will arrive tomorrow 5th April until 8th April.

    Best regards,

  6. Hi all, I’m in the hotel Maliana right now. Doing research in Alor and I’m just transiting to Lombok for a meeting next. The prices have increased significantly. I was here 2 years ago, and paid about what you all suggest (130,000 or so for AC). Prices are now 200,000 for AC/TV, and 130,000 for fan only. One nice thing is they provide morning and afternoon tea/coffee.

  7. Hi Nick,

    Do you happen to have any contact information on l Maliana?
    And how far from the airpiort is it?

  8. Hallo,can you help me I need to now ,is in kupang a fhotography dealer/ shop ,were I can buy foto camera for underwater sports from olympus,its very important, only mark from olympus.can you give me the name and adress . Its befor my daughter.she is on vacation in Alor. My i-mail is. : i will thank you very much, ine oostenbrink

  9. I really liked the location and convenience of the Maliana hotel there in Kupang.

    Kupang is pretty handy and a good hub for air and boat travel and road trips to Timor Leste.

    Consider a run to Rote Island , it has its own unique charm.

    Oecussi is way too cool :)

    Alor is accessible by boat and air .

    Flores is also easy to Larantuka – very worth the trip !


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