Teddy’s Bar Kupang

nikiniki_081.jpgTeddy’s Bar – Kupang

This colorful hangout is right on the beach where the river runs to the sea.

There is a cool breeze blowing in and the setting is superb.

Occasionally a yacht from Australia is anchored a ways off shore.

nikiniki_037.jpg There are always a few local girls on the prowl and expats from all over the place engage in profound conversation.

The beer is 22,000 for a large bintang.

There is a menu but I never ate there. It is probably ok but a local joint, the Pantai Laut, is nearby and has great food for 6,000 rupiah.

nikiniki_079.jpgTeddy’s has a bandstand and there is live music. Not too bad. Sometimes a westerner will get on stage and give it a go.

There are local soccer matches on the beach out front until it gets dark.

A few fishermen beach their boats there and work on them at low tide.

Teddys is a great little pub.

Nemberala surfer coming in after a long day on the waves – Rote Island

Nemberala with surfer at sunset

Kupang – West Timor – Indonesia


Jun 15, 2006 www.dutchpickle.com

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  1. I have stayed at Teddy’s Bar and Accomodation on 2005,,,Tina & Muse were so good to me & made my stay very enjoyable ….so good in fact I am comng back @ the next opportunity…Fabulous

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